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Monday, March 28, 2011


30-A is the name of a state highway in South Walton County, Florida. This road runs parallel to the coast and bisects towns such as Grayton Beach, Water Color, Seaside, Seacrest Beach, Water Sound, Rosemary Beach, and a host of other cutely named beach communities. We have been coming here for about 8 years and it has lured us back once again. In fact, we even bought a lot here in Seacrest Beach.

Located between the multi-story condos and hustle and bustle of Destin and Panama City, the towns along 30-A provide the quiet, quaint charm that we have come to love. Instead of wild spring breakers, there are Friday movie nights on the town lawn and free small concerts where kids run free and parents don’t worry. Tattoo parlors are replaced with book stores. Chain restaurants are replaced with funky beach bars. And, there is no Hooters – say no more!

If you want to come to the area, there is an abundance of rental houses and cottages ranging from small cozy carriage houses to multi-bedroom beachside houses. Additionally, there are hotels, inns, and small guest houses, and B&B’s along HWY 30-A. We have always rented private houses, but if you are looking for something easier, Watercolor Inn is a high-end, full-service hotel located right on the beach. If you prefer to stay in the Rosemary Beach area, there is a hotel and the Pensione B&B, both located near the “downtown” area. Grayton Beach has a small, charming B&B with great vegetarian breakfasts.

The restaurant scene in this area is very impressive. You can find everything from casual, inexpensive beach food to fine-dining with extensive wine lists. Every time we come, we hit Bruno’s Pizza (all you can eat buffet for lunch – only 5 bucks on Ladies’ Day), CafĂ© Thirty-A (fine dining with creative Florida-Caribbean food), Basmati (Asian-fusion food set in a serene location), and Pickles Beachside Grill (a casual restaurant set in downtown Seaside with EXCELLENT fried pickles).

Each town has a shopping district with an array of stores selling everything from clothing, antiques, art, and jewelry to home furnishings. If it is spas you want…..there are plenty. Since Grayton Beach State Park is only a bicycle ride away, we often ride to everywhere by bike and then there’s no problem parking for events…..and besides, it’s great exercise after we’ve eaten at one of the great restaurants/beach bars!

"Downtown" Seaside, Florida

Favorite bookstore in Seaside.

Had to finish my champagne before browsing in the bookstore.

Free concert at the Seaside amphitheater

Great music, weather, and champagne during the concert.

Gotta love a town that has a post office this size.

Airstream food trucks - everything from BBQ to grilled cheese to "frosty bites."

Yummy ice cream for desert.

Alys Beach - a new community along 30-A. 

Betsy and our lot in Seacrest Beach. 
Seacrest Beach.

Entrance to Seacrest Beach.

Rosemary Beach town hall and post office.

"Downtown" Rosemary Beach, Florida.

Rosemary Beach

Rosemary Beach

Typical house in Seaside.

Seaside community church.

Community school garden in Seaside.

The goods in the garden.

The school house in Seaside.  Not like the ones in New Orleans.

Saturday morning farmers market.
Vegetables anyone?

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