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Thursday, March 31, 2011


Both Nance and I knew it would happen. An entire day inside the moho with Otter! When it pours down rain and thunderstorms from morning to night, what do you do? And to top it off, we are in Carrabelle, Florida which is right on the Gulf Coast and it is a very sleepy little fishing village where there is nothing to do but fish and kayak and there is no TV or internet connection. Again, what do you do?

We came here specifically because there is a convergence of 3 rivers which flow into wonderful marshland that makes it ideal for kayaking. The weather report is the same for tomorrow. Now, we’re not just fair weather kayakers but when it’s lightning and thundering and there’s an on and off tornado watch, we decided that it was better to stay in the moho. We really can’t complain because this is week 3 of our adventure and we have had solid sunny, cool and wonderful days for 2 weeks as we came across the Florida panhandle. It’s just too bad we only came here to kayak! But there’s 2 things to see here in Carrabelle and that’s the world’s smallest police station and the museum that honors the soldiers who trained here for WWII but it’s only open 3 hrs a day. We’ll take in those sights at least. There are a couple of seafood restaurants but Nancy’s cooking is hard to beat. Last night she did a shrimp boil outside and entertained our new neighbors (we arrived here yesterday) with her cooking! Most are snowbirds from up north and had never heard of shrimp or crab boils. See how we carry New Orleans along with us?!

So, back to what we do all day when it’s raining hard. We sit and talk and plan for what’s ahead as far as places to camp and things to see. We watch our neighbors to see if they are going anywhere so we can ask them what they know to visit that we don’t! We clean the moho. We have a central vacuum system. We do laundry. We have a washer and dryer on board. It takes longer to do laundry because the w/d are smaller than normal house size. We read. I write this blog. Nancy sets up the crock-pot since we have to cook inside and is performing her magic on a pork roast with vegetables. We pet the dog. I drink a TAB (thanks to Dr. Field who supplied me with 7 twelve packs as a going away gift!) and then we’ll download all of the photos that we took yesterday so that we can send them to you. We don’t have cell phone service here either so we can’t call and talk to anyone else. It actually allows for creative thought time that I rarely had when I worked all of the time and it will be helpful for some of my writing. Guess I’ll take a nap now and listen to the rain on the roof! Something else I rarely did.

We are following a truck with sacks of oysters....we must be going the right way!

Downtown Carrabelle.

Downtown Carrabelle waterfront.

Nancy sitting on top of the sea turtle display in Carrabelle.

Seafood boil with the neighbors watching.

Crooked River Light House.

Inside the Crooked River Lighthouse Keepers House.

View inside the Crooked River Lighthouse Keeper's Quarters.

Crooked River Lighthouse Keeper's Quarters.
Nancy inside the police station (a phone booth).
The Worlds Smallest Police Station.

Kayaking in the Carrabelle waterfront.

Otter kayaking.

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