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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Grayton Beach State Park

We love Grayton Beach State Park (SP) and have ever since we came here 8 years ago! What is not to love about a park that is not crowded has white sand beaches, beautiful hiking trails, inviting camp sites, a clear lake for kayaking, and unspoiled natural beauty?

 The park is 2,200 acres that features sprawling white sand, climbing dunes blanketed with feathery sea oats, serene pine forests, and waving marsh. Grayton Beach SP claims to have 13 distinct natural communities and 3 coastal dune lakes. This diversity of habitat ensures an abundance and diversity of plants and wildlife.

A 4-mile hiking trail winds through pine forest that offers welcomed shade. The forest is actively managed and show the signs of recent prescribed fire and longleaf pine restoration. Another short trail (1 mile) guides visitors through coastal dunes, marsh, and pine flatwoods. Trails are well maintained and marked.

Grayton Beach SP is open year-round and for visitors and offers biking, hiking, camping, picnicking, beach and boat access, and camping. There are 59 campsites and 30 two-bedroom, one bathroom cabins.
Our campsite is wonderful. It is all gravel, but fairly large with a combination fire pit/grill. While we do have “neighbors” on both sides, the back of our site opens to the pine scrub/woods. This site is surprisingly quiet and neighbors have been courteous and not intrusive. In fact, they have even left firewood (which we quickly scarf up). The beach is a just a short bike or car ride and has picnic areas and restrooms. An entrance fee cuts down on some traffic and the beach never feels crowded.


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