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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Britts Donuts serves the best donuts we have ever eaten in our lives. The donut shop is located in Carolina Beach, NC - about 20 minutes south of Wilmington. We happened upon this culinary delight after our waiter (while we were eating world’s famous chowder) told us about the nearby beach boardwalk that housed this world’s famous donut shop. Who knew a little-known beach
town had so much famous food?

What makes the donut so good is the light, airy dough and the glaze. Don’t ask for cream filled, maple glazed or with sprinkles. Britts only makes donuts one way – glazed, hot and delicious. They cost 85 cents and are served in a piece of paper ready for you to take and eat. But don’t go too far, because you will be back for more if you just buy one. We know this from experience! This family owned business started in 1939 and has generation after generation coming back for more and we understand why. In the summer season, the line stretches down the boardwalk. But, dont' let that stop you from passing up one of the most memorable donuts you will ever eat.
A Carolina Beach don't miss - Britts Donuts.

We could not stop at just one.

The boardwalk at Carolina Beach where the biggest attraction is the donut shop.


  1. Welcome to the Hitch-Itch web site - see you were just added this past week!

    We spent some time at Edisto Beach in the Carolinas and loved it. Would love to get to that part of the country again - in Portland, OR.

    Portland has "VooDoo Doughnuts" - google them.... :)



  2. Derek-
    Thanks for your welcome and your comments. We are having such fun traveling in our moho. Each day is another exciting adventure. Thanks for the tip on VooDoo Donuts. When we get to Portland next year, we'll go there.


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