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Friday, April 22, 2011

The RV has Temporarily Stopped a GoGo’ing

As you may have noticed on the map, we took a detour to Baltimore, Maryland. Our trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina and Virginia Beach were cancelled due to the need to attend to our dog Otter’s medical condition. Prior to leaving New Orleans, we were treating her for (what we thought) was a simple urinary tract infection. The problem has not gotten better after three doctors’ visits and equal treatments of antibiotics over six weeks along the way. We decided to high-tail it to Baltimore where we could get her thorough medical treatment and follow-up. While she does not seem to be in pain or show symptoms to indicate a serious problem, we did not want to take any chances if we were isolated in the Outer Banks without a full treatment veterinary clinic.

Baltimore was a likely choice for two reasons: it is a large city where there are ample veterinary specialists and it is home to my sister and her family. While we are here, we can attend to Otter’s needs and visit with my sister and her family. We are not sure how long we will be here, but sure are thankful for the hospitality.

It seems strange being in a house after living the last six weeks in the motorhome. We actually miss living in the motorhome. Despite how wonderful this house is, I guess we think of that as our true “home.” Otter seems to really like it here and is very comfortable. She loves the nice thick grass and wide-open spaces afforded in a house and a real yard. We keep telling her this is only temporary – unless my sister wants to add a Labrador retriever to her already busy repertoire of kids, husband, and beagle. Of course we came north quicker than we wanted to and it’s cold here!

Thanks to everyone for the concern and we will keep you posted. Hopefully, we can get caught up on posts we would like to write and trip planning for the rest of the summer. We plan to visit quaint areas around Baltimore while we are here so stay tuned as we’ll be reporting on them.

Otter on her bed as we travel down the road in the motorhome.

Otter likes to lead the way on trails.  We hope she clears the snakes for us.

Not sure why, but the last campground had a very large frog on the picnic table!


  1. Sweet dog. I like how you take care of your pet duties. Good work.

  2. I loved my black lab, Lizzie. I had to put her to sleep New Years Eve 2009. I didn't want her to suffer. I still miss her terribly. She was nice and shiny and pretty like Otter-beautiful pup you have. She had a great life traveling in our motorhome with us-she was our constant companion.

    I've been dealing with my yellow lab's unusual health problems since November. He's in no pain or even discomfort, but there's not a good outlook without surgery for his rare condition. Finally, a vet is flying up from Texas to do surgery on him and teach the other surgeons in the specialty center the surgery technique that will cure him.

    We had a wonderful time on the road, together, last year. I hope we can go, again.

    Good luck to Otter. I hope he enjoys a long and healthy life. They are wonderful dogs, aren't they?

    I'm enjoying your blog--mind if I tag along vicariously? ;-)

  3. Oops, Otter is a she. No wonder she's so pretty. She looks very much like my Lizzie.


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