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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


OK, so where were you this past Saturday night? Picture us, two women, a dog and a bottle of wine sitting on the cold cement floor of the women’s restroom at our RV park for 2 hours! Why? We traded hurricanes for tornados when we left New Orleans……seriously.

  I know everyone must have heard about the extremely bad weather that came across the country and into North Carolina where we were this past weekend. It was verified that 62 tornados hit North Carolina alone. One touched down just several miles near us and came across a major highway and destroyed homes.

Our safe haven.....the interior walls were concrete and the safest place in the park.
We had heard the weather reports and when it got dark, the wind was whaling and we saw the sky lighting up constantly with the oncoming storm, we ran for the only cement block building in lieu of our motor home. And that was the restrooms. We are writing this to call attention to the need to protect yourselves when this situation arises. Two things that are extremely important: buy a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (a.k.a. NOAA) weather radio and know the county that you are in (the bottle of wine is optional!)  We can’t emphasize this enough because we were about to leave the restroom after one hour because the radio said that the tornado warning was lifted when the report came back and said not to leave safe places because the tornado warning had been extended. That’s when the tornado went through very close to us. All of the power was out in the park and if we hadn’t had the radio, we would not have known what was going on around us. There are many brands of weather radios out there.  We have one that has a hand-crank in case the batteries run out.  (The brand we have is Eton FR300.)  Living in New Orleans for the past 15 years has taught us that power can be out for a very long time so we feel this is an important feature.
Also, it’s so important to know what county you are in because that’s what the weather stations constantly report on – it is counties and not towns!

One of the signs says "Seashore Memories"....that about sums it up!  At least it did not say "No Pets, No Alcohol!"
 It wasn’t a fun night but at least we felt safer than being in the motorhome. Seeing the damage the next morning was an eye opener so thank God for restrooms……..and wine!

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  1. Glad to hear you three made it through allright, just wait until you get to a freak blizzard!!!


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