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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I’ve always been called that since I spent many summers here during my high school days. Betsy here. Nancy blogged about her childhood trip to Mystic so now I want to comment on our arrival in Maine. We love it here…..we love Maine. It’s cool, it’s clean, everyone recycles and there’s cash back on recyclables, everyone wants to be outdoors, there’s L.L. Bean and most everyone is eco-friendly. Also, dogs are a prominent part of the families.

We are in Old Orchard Beach, Maine which is on the coast. I wanted to come here because my brother, Mark, and I spent summers on the ocean pier here, riding rides and of course, eating lobsters and steamer clams. He was born in Saco and that is actually where our campsite is this week. Old Orchard hasn’t changed much over the years. Some would call it tacky because it’s pizza, t-shirts and fried dough. But I have such fond memories. The rides are what you would find at a state Fair and it’s so busy now with a mix of tourists and locals. And in the winter it’s closed down because it’s so cold here that no one comes.

The pier at Old Orchard Beach.
 Nancy’s reaction was great to watch and we both laughed at so many things that were going on at once. The excitement was penetrating and the sounds were wonderful. It was great to walk out on the pier and look back at the waves crashing the pilings and hitting the shore as we stood in the restaurant at the end of the pier. As the sun went down, the neon lights of the rides lit up the ocean. Don’t know why, but I still get such a thrill. It really makes me laugh. Guess I’m remembering when I was on those rides!

A view from the Pier back at the beach.  During the day it's crowded.

One of my fondest memories is the carousel.  I love carousel art and maybe this is where it started.

The scare in the dark and things that make you scream (at least when you're young!)

One of the game booths.  You can win a plush banana!

A ride

One of the many shops to buy "tacky stuff"

Note the roller coaster in the background down the Midway

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  1. We're loving Florida weather, but the eco(un)consciousness is getting to me. We were all excited to find a dumpster that collects cardboard for recycling (we ASSume). Plus, "composting" on the road looks more like "littering." :D



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