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Friday, June 24, 2011

Red's Eats!

Betsy and I are “foodies.” We love all things food. Not just eating it, but reading about it, looking at it, smelling it, shopping for it, and researching restaurants. Sometimes I am in agony trying to decide what restaurant to go to. One of our first activities in a new area is to find out what the local foods are and where to go to get the most authentic version.

We especially love local “dives.” Those little hole in the wall joints where the locals go. The ones where you sit on picnic benches, enter through the kitchen, and pull a beer out of a horse trough full of ice cold longnecks so you can hydrate while deciding what to order. We found a gem of a dive in Wiscasset, Maine. A small town that describes itself as “The Prettiest Town in Maine” just so happens to have one of the best lobster rolls. Red’s Eats is perched above the Sheepscot River on a street corner in the downtown district. This place is the size of a minivan but don’t worry you can’t miss it because the line is the length of 3 city blocks. There are no inside tables and your choice of what to eat should be simple - lobster roll and fried clams.
Red's Eats came into being in 1938 in the tourist town of Boothbay Harbor about 15 miles away.  The restaurant moved to Wiscasset directly on U.S. Route 1 in 1954 where it gained it's popularity.  What makes Red's Eats lobster roll so great is the simple preparation and deliciously fresh lobster meat.  Over one pound of sweet lobster meat is stuffed into a toasted bun and served with warm drawn butter.  There is no mayonaise and no celery to take away from the lobster flavor.

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  1. Red's is amazing and we're glad you guys found it! Ironic that all of this "foodie" talk is from the gal who, while living in Europe for 6 years, would only eat at restaurants that served steak and pizza! Your brother and I still owe paybacks.


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