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Monday, July 4, 2011


Downtown Boothbay Harbor.
Every year visitor’s flock to the Boothbay Harbor region for a chance to relax and take in the rocky coast of Maine.  There is a total sense of relaxation that comes from sitting on rocks and watching the waves crash against the shore while the lobster boats on the horizon dance around the water.  The downtown harbor is snuggled between two long peninsulas and numerous little rocky islands.  To make sure that the view is authentic Maine, there are two lighthouses standing off in the distance.  The Boothbay Harbor region is renowned for its natural beauty and boating pleasures.  It is draped with charm and drenched in a rich maritime history representing a classic New England village.

House and boat house located on the water in downtown Boothbay Harbor.

The breathtaking views and serenity of water make this town great for relaxing, but, it is hard not to get caught up in all that there is to do in the area.  Their activity calendar for the summer is full and features boat parades, fireworks, craft shows, and food festivals.   The bustling downtown harbor boasts the largest fleet of excursion boats on the coast.  It is a great way for visitors to sit back and relax while viewing lighthouses, seals, islands, whales, puffins, and the spectacular fall foliage.  If fishing is your thing, deep-sea fishing cruises for cod, mackerel, tuna, haddock, and striped bass are available for daily cruises.  Those that prefer the quiet and serenity of a boat under sail will find enjoyment in the schooners that offer guided tours.  We were fortunate enough to be there during the annual Windjammer Days so we spent many hours watching boats come and go.  (See blog post http://rvagogo.blogspot.com/2011/06/windjammer-days.html).  We booked an evening cruise on one of the sightseeing boats and were treated to lighthouses, seals lounging on rocks, and a beautiful sunset.  And for an evening finale – a dazzling display of fireworks.

Seals lounging on the rocks.
Ram Lighthouse.
Shoppers will delight in strolling along the harbor lined streets and peering into the many galleries and specialty shops.  Yes, there are the t-shirt shops, but there is also a great mix of galleries and specialty shops that have antiques, home furnishing, food, Maine products, and eclectic “stuff.”  Since our “home” is now 40 feet long, we don’t buy many souvenirs but we still enjoy looking.  Of particular interest are the many galleries that feature unique works from local artists.  It is easy to see how artists find inspiration in such a beautiful area.
Shopping in downtown Wiscasset (nearby Boothbay).

Wiscasset General Store.
All of this activity requires food to keep a person going and the downtown area is the right place to be.  Restaurants are plentiful and many have beautiful harbor-side patios perfect for relaxing while getting re-energized.  Seafood lovers will delight in the ample choices of haddock, clams, scallops, lobster, crabs, and shrimp.  One of the most famous is the “Lobster Dock” which was featured on the Food Networks popular show “Throwdown with Bobby Flay” and in Coastal Living magazine.  On more than one occasion, we found ourselves sitting outside on a picnic bench, eating fresh steaming lobster, drinking a cold draught beer and watching boats meander in and out of the harbor.  If this scenario appeals to you, then Boothbay Harbor is the place for you.  One of the most well-known eateries is actually located outside of town at the crossroads of two busy thoroughfares.  “Bet's Fish Fry” is known for their huge fish sandwiches.  No human mouth on the planet can open wide enough to fit in this monstrosity.  We split a sandwich and still could not eat the whole thing.    
Bet's fish sandwich is almost too big to pick up, much less stuff in your mouth.
Nature lovers will take delight in the Boothbay Regional Land Trust’s nature preserves that dot the area.  These great parks are small (ranging from 35-150 acres) but true natural treasures.  The 20 or so preserves have well-maintained trails that range in difficulty and length.  We visited four different preserves and were not disappointed in any of them.  Each one offered a different experience and all offering great views of the Maine woods and coastline.  Only once did we encounter another person on the trail which made for quiet, peaceful walks – except when Betsy and I “oh’ed and ah’ed” at the splendid scenery.  

Gorgeous view from the trail.....well worth the hike!
Lobster and beer for lunch.
East Boothbay turned out to be one of our favorite areas.
We would go to the General Store for coffee and breakfast and then a walk
that provided us with this gorgeous view.
Lobster buoys for sale.
Betsy met a new friend.
Walking along East Boothbay.
View of the Navy ship U.S.S Oak Hill from the aquarium.  The ship
was in for the annual Windjammer Days festival.
Better forecasting than the meteorologists on t.v.

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  1. I am rv-envious. I have camped up and down in Maine. That's some good eatin', for sure.


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