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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Irony is the fact that we spent a night in Maine riding out a tropical system in a motor home park in an RV. First of all, hurricanes and tropical storms should not occur in Maine. Second, one should never be in a “trailer park” (or RV park, campground, etc.) during any weather event with strong winds. Third, one should never ride out a storm (of any kind) in an RV or trailer. Fourth, just because you are not in a “trailer” does not mean you will not be impacted even if you parked close to one – after all, they are magnets. Yes, we left New Orleans after 15 years and were glad to think that hurricanes were not going to be a part of our summer thoughts. Sunshine, cool weather and lobsters were to replace the usual New Orleans summer thoughts of humidity, heat, murders, and hurricanes (all New Orleans specialties).

Well we prepared as if we were still living in New Orleans and a tropical storm was coming. We had plenty of food and drink, batteries, water, and secured all flying objects outside. In fact the night before, Nancy braised meat for a Shepard’s pie and cooked beets for a salad. We secured the outside patio by putting away the furniture and closed all the RV slides. Three movies were on hand and a trusty weather radio. The rain started early in the morning and the wind really started to howl around 5 pm. After hours of cabin fever, we decided to take a walk around the campground. We were desperate to see damage and if we could help out if there was any; but other than one tree down, the walk turned up nothing. The trees really swayed and leaves were flying through the air, but there was no serious excitement. Finally, we settled in for the evening and watched our three movies, ate the Shepard’s pie and drank some wine. The rain stopped and the wind became a whisper. The next morning the skies were clear and life was normal.

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  1. Sounds like a perfect ending to what could have been a sad tale. Glad it turned out fine! :)


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