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Thursday, September 1, 2011


A year ago 60 Minutes (CBS) featured a segment about the ground-breaking research we were doing at the Audubon Nature Institute saving endangered species.  Today the show’s producer called me to tell me that they were going to re-run the program this Sunday night Sept 4th.  Tune in if you want.  They wanted an update from me and were shocked when they called Audubon Institute in New Orleans and discovered that I had left there.  So, the producer, Shari Finkelstein who works for Lesley Stahl called me and asked for follow up on what I was doing now.  I have to say that Shari and Lesley were some of the most professional people in the media that I have ever worked with.  I was delighted to hear from them again and look forward to promoting the plight of endangered species on this special 60 Minutes program.  Shari said that it’s rare that they re-run these programs so I should be happy that they have chosen to do this.  I can only hope that someone out there will also try to help save species, much as I have tried to do throughout my career.  And a special acknowledgement goes to the Audubon Nature Institute and my friends and colleagues, Drs. Earle Pope and Martha Gomez.

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  1. Hey Betsy and Nancy!!! Just found your blog- Jeff put me on to it. Don't you think "RV-a-geaux-geaux" would have been more apropriate??? When you head to south Florida for the winter, be sure you stop in Tampa. Why, you ask? A) Unlimited Buschgardens access. 2) I have a heated pool. 3) You REALLY miss me. Alex


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