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Saturday, October 1, 2011

I Am SO Over The Moose!

Why?  Because the one animal that could trump a moose is a bear. And that is exactly what we saw on our first day in Shenandoah National Park. The big, black, lumbering bruin (or as we wildlife biologists call it the American black bear) was minding its own business when we spotted her from the road. A quick slam on the brakes and we were out of the car before the wheels stopped turning.

We crept into the woods and watched cautiously as the bear walked through the woods and fed on acorns. The bear spotted us but seemed not to care that we were watching and continued its business of eating. Soon our personal viewing experience that was kin to an episode of Wild Kingdom came to an end as other people spotted the bear. A traffic jam occurred and the woods were crowded with flashing cameras. We took this as a clue to leave before the bear became agitated with encroaching tourists.

Yes, I would have like to have seen a moose. But if I had to choose between a moose and bear….the bear wins!

And there is video. 
Not quiet You Tube material since there was no bluff charge or mauling.


  1. WOW! how cool is that. That is one big bear.

  2. We miss you ! Have a fun time whereever you may roam! Teri


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