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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Who Drives?

The answer to this question is … we both do!

This just might be the most frequently asked question we get. In fact, more people ask us that question than what our names are. It is amazing to us how few women drive RV’s. Obviously, there are many women that do drive but most of them are women traveling alone or with another woman. (By default someone has to drive, right?) Specifically, what we are talking about is when there is a man and women in the RV, the man almost always drives.

So why do so many women not drive? What we have learned (through first-hand conversations) is that most women are afraid to drive and flat out refuse. They claim that their motorhome is way too big and they are scared of it. Then there is the fact that some men don’t want their female partners to drive. Some men have told us that they don’t want their wives to drive because they are more experienced and feel they are better drivers. Let’s face it – the more you drive, the more comfortable you will become. However, the more you drive does not necessarily make you the better driver. For us, the truth is, each of us feels more comfortable driving rather than riding, especially when we are on winding roads, narrow bridges, metropolitan areas, etc. But we have certainly come to trust each other’s driving abilities. And we are equally at fault for the minor scratches that are scattered along our coach.

Neither of us had driven an RV of any size or shape before owning this motorhome. But we had both pulled boat and horse trailers before. This gave us some confidence. (Nancy thought that since she had piloted a 38’ boat in the wide open ocean she could pilot a slightly larger land yacht through the nation’s road system – boy was she cocky!)

Yes, this sight was a little daunting when we first sat down to drive.
Our decision to buy the particular make and model of motorhome that we have was not based on a test drive. In fact, we only drove it for 15 minutes before we bought it. We figured that once we bought it, we would learn how to drive it. Hey, we even bought a DVD on how to drive a motorhome! (Well worth the $24.99 investment). Also, remember we tow a car with us behind the motorhome and the total length is 56 feet when we’re heading down the road. With the large front window, sometimes we feel like we’re driving a bus. But it’s a lot easier than you would think and that’s what we try to tell the women that we meet that are afraid to drive. We recommend they just try it because what would happen if their partner got sick or had a heart attack and they had to get somewhere quickly or get home. One couple even told us about the women having to take over control of the motorhome because he had a minor stroke while driving. She managed to safely maneuver the vehicle off the road.
So come on ladies…get out there and drive! After all, driving is far better than having to navigate.

Betsy driving along the gorgeous Pensacola Beach.


  1. Love the blog, My wfe and I are getting ready to do the full time thing soon and I like reading how others are making it happen. As far as driving, when we test drove our first RV, a 33' Southwind, I stopped and gave her the wheel (much to the ire of the salesman, believe it or not)I told her, "If you can't drive it, we don't buy it" We belong to a Good Sam chapter and you would not believe how many women refuse to drive. The strange part is how many question my 'Manleness' by "allowing" my wife to drive. Some people haven't got out of the 1950's. Thanks for allowing me to rant as I laugh about it. Whatever journey you ladies take, may you have a smooth road and good weather.

  2. That's right !! C'Mon Ladies, get behind that wheel !! So many WOMEN are shocked that "I" drive my big coach. It is, in fact, easier to drive than the 31' Class C I had before that.

    Then again, I also ride an 800+ pound Harley !! LOL


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