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Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays from the campground!  Many people have asked where we will be spending the holidays.  This year we are camping at a state park in Sarasota for Christmas and will be in Tampa for New Year's Eve.  Before we started camping we had no idea how many people spend the Christmas holiday camping.  Surprisingly, the campground we are staying in is full, both with local people looking to "get away" and snow birds who have come down for the winter.  We had to call 4-5 campgrounds before we could find availability for New Year's Eve.
Last years holiday decorations with lights, garland, and wreaths.
Last year, was our first Christmas in the motorhome; although we were not full-timing yet.  We ventured to Natchez, Mississippi with Betsy's brother Mark for a good old southern Christmas.  Mark and I decorated the motorhome with wreaths, garland and lights. Natchez was all decked out and was a wonderful place to go for the holidays!  Homes were brightly lit with colorful lights, downtown had a Christmas tree in the middle of the street, and the plantation homes were spectacular.
Natchez plantation home decorated for the holidays.
Santa rides in on an airboat in the south.
Natchez was cold and rainy when we arrived so after two days the sun was a welcomed
site.  This woman (yes, there is a woman in the middle of the picture) was proud of her
decorations and glad to have the sun illuminate her porch.
Downtown Natchez.
This year we are at a much larger campground so there are more decorations.  Christmas in a campground is not much different than in a neighborhood - there is the usual inflatable Santa and badly strung lights that were strung by someone who had way too much beer, but most of the motorhomes and campers have wonderful lights and decorations and the holiday cheer permeates with the sound of Christmas music and laughter.  Other campers from all around the U.S. drop by to visit and this year our camphost brought us his homemade rum balls!

Not so clever decorations.
Hope you all have a wonderful holiday and may our paths cross soon.
Small trees on the motorhome dashboards are a popular decoration.
Campground inflatables.
One of the most decorated campsites.

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  1. Only in Mississippi can you see a Santa Claus on an airboat pulled by alligators! You had a very enjoyable holiday getaway there. I'm jealous of you.


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