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Sunday, March 25, 2012


RVers, totally unknown to Nancy and me, have become great neighbors, acquaintances and friends after we pulled into a new campground.  It’s funny how people are drawn to each other when they share a common interest like RVing.  It doesn’t take long to recognize people who you “click” with almost instantly, and those who talk too much, or want you to do things their ways, or have a sad story to share, or who make you laugh, or who you recognize have a lot of good experience to share………and on and on.  It’s really like that in everyday life everywhere if you just slow down to realize it.  And that’s really what RVing does for you and is part of the blessing of this life.

Along the way we have valued these strangers and they are who have made this adventure for us so special.  Everyone prints their own cards similar to business cards and we always exchange ours with them.  We have an RV-A-GOGO card with our names and emails and cell phone.  Some put their photos on them or their dogs or cats names and photos.  Then later on down the road we may get an email with an update from them or we can watch their blogs like they watch ours.  Again we may hook up with them at another campground and the fun continues and the strangers become friends.

Some of our campsites are pretty close so we hope the neighbors are nice.  This was our campsite
in Mexico Beach, FL when we were next to Bill and Shirley Evans.  
We looked out the window at their catch and they invited us over for a closer look.
Thanks to "Chummy" in Warren, ME who let
us use his canoe where I caught this bass.
Many of these strangers are professionals who wanted to make changes in their lives and see what this great country has to offer.  Others only went to high school and want to offer their trades to help others (like us often!).  When we meet we have no idea of their backgrounds which are fun to uncover.  Like Bill and Shirley from Rustic Sands who are the aunt and uncle of famous country star Sara Evans (they offered us tickets and a backstage tour if we ever get to a concert).  There’s Jim and Lorraine from Sunset Isle who cooked us the best fish I ever ate and there was Jim and Cathy who we met at Mt. Katahdin in Maine who offered us tips about the park.  In Naples, Maine we met Laurie and Putschy who ran an ice cream stand and always gave free ice cream to our dog Otter.  There was Allison in Belfast, Maine who taught us about sea glass and loaned us chairs when we were having company.  In Boothbay Harbor, Maine we found ourselves in the middle of a Montana 5th Wheel Rally and even though we have a motorhome, Dave and Betsy and “Biker Don” (he hauled a huge motorcycle behind his 5th Wheel) included us in their get togethers.  Dave even fixed our windshield wiper fluid tube that had dry rotted (unbeknownst to us).

The sites at Curry Hammock State Park are great and face
the ocean.  They are very desirable and often booked
a year in advance.  We were so glad to meet Hugh and Pat who
gave us tips on getting one of these great sites.
We loved Hugh and Pat who were camp hosts at Curry Hammock in the Keys and offered great tips on securing sites in the high demand state park.  On our way there we met C.C. who took us to dinner and  showed us her town of Stewart Fla.  And we can’t forget Chris and her motor scooter and 2 little pug dogs who we have camped with several times now in Florida.  There was Mark and June and Steve and Toni with their dog Max from South Dakota who we enjoyed and then Karen and Don who we met in Maine but they were from Louisiana so we had an immediate kinship.  We even joined them at Disney World for a week and they took us to Animal Kingdom.  We met Tom and Lynn, lawyers who were part of the motorcycle law group and recently in Cedar Key, Matt and Gail and Mike and Janna who follow our blog.  It’s so great to meet these people who were strangers until we pulled into a campground.

At Lake Louisa near Orlando, Florida we met Rhonda and Susan from Ontario, Canada and shared many a campfire.  Rhonda is a nurse and Susan a professional artist/ painter.  As luck would have it they stayed in touch and we saw them again in Naples and then at Rainbow Springs and had such fun with them.  They also gave us their reservations at Grayton Beach and St. George Island.   These strangers, now friends, kindly gave us their sites in parks when they couldn’t make it.  We know we’ll see them again down the road.  Oh yes, we introduced them to Catdaddy moonshine we discovered in New Orleans!  Don’t think they’ll forget us.  And Rhonda introduced us to a Canadian word “frack” to be used when your dog acts like a nut and runs and runs out of control on the trails and beach!  Spirit fracks a lot! 

Also at Lake Louisa we met Jim and Debbie from Maryland and they turned up at Disney and on a beach near another campground where we stayed.  We had a lot in common with them because they were avid kayakers and outdoors people.  And small world but Debbie had been Nancy’s sisters’ kids favorite art teacher in Maryland.  Our current neighbors, Tom and LoAnn from Michigan, are sharing lots of RVing ideas with us while sitting around a pizza buffet (they treated us to and also introduced Spirit to marrow bones) and campfires.  We will miss them.  I could go on and on.
Spirit and Kimber (Paul and LoAnn's 7-month old golden retriever).

Thanks Kimber for being a chew toy for Spirit.
Debbie and Spirit after "fracking" on the beach.
This is just a partial list of some of the great strangers we have met and shared times with.  We have learned so much from their experiences and camaraderie.  Some we may never see again and others will not stay strangers.  They have become our friends through campfires and blogs.  They have known Otter and have watched Spirit grow.  They have broadened our thinking and made us laugh and cry.  They have accepted us as we are and we have accepted them without hesitation.  RVing is a whole new world now opened to us.

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  1. Gee, I hope we have the same experiences meeting lots of wonderful folks when we hit the road in June. Love your blog.


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