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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

When Donuts Surpass Sleep

We have been hanging out in Grayton Beach and the surrounding towns along HWY 30-A for over 10 years or so.  Every time we come back we peruse the towns to check out what’s new, especially restaurants.  In addition to hitting our long-standing favorites, we try to hit a new restaurant or two.

So this year when we arrived, Betsy found a donut truck – Charlie’s Donut Truck in Alys Beach.  There is no having to convince me that we should try these sugary, soft, fried works of wonder.   

Gotta love the old
fashioned glazed donut!
Started with four and now down to two.
But, the kicker was when she said we needed to leave the house at 6: 15 a.m.  “Why,” I asked.  “Because they open at 6:30 and close when they are sold out,” she replied.  It was obvious Betsy was serious about sinking her teeth  into these donuts and I was glad she was so dedicated to the cause.  So off we went with coffee in hand, money in the pocket, and dog in tow.  Spirit became part of our sinful indulgence because we convinced ourselves that if we walked her afterwards some of the fat and calories we consumed would magically disappear.  We arrived shortly after our 6:30 target time and assumed a position in the line that had already formed.  The choices were many with the old favorites like glazed, lemon filled, cinnamon twist, and chocolate covered.  But there were many other tempting flavors like red velvet, blueberry, and their signature - sour cream. 
Note how dark the sky looks.  That is because the sun was not up yet!  But we had donuts in hand.
The truck is an old Sunbeam Bread truck that has been converted to a donut destination.  Don’t expect it to move anytime soon, since the engine was removed.  They boast that the donuts are made the old fashion way by hand.  They are rolled, cut, dipped, and filled using “elbow grease.”  However they make them they tasted good to us and we will certainly be coming back to Charlie’s for more. 
So many choices.


  1. Amazing how all those calories and carbs can look and taste so good. Feel the waist on my pants tightening already. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Remember - if no body sees you eating them - there are no calories!! Besides fruit is good for you!

  3. Just saw your post. Wrote an article about Charlie Mingus last spring, and his donut truck. Posting on 30AEATS.com today. Glad to know you have come to love the Fl. Panhandle and the delicious donuts. Been a resident for almost 20 years, and can say we do have good food along with beautiful views. Safe travels! Susan

  4. Hi Susan! Thanks for your comment. We love 30-A so much that we bought property in Seacrest Beach about 7 years ago and plan on being there in the motorhome for three months this winter. The food, people, beach, and culture of 30-A is one of our favorite places in the country. It is one of the only places we would consider "settling down" in. I will check out 30AEATS.com and look forward to coming back in November.


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