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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Great Little Towns in Texas

We are still cooling our boot heels near Austin waiting on parts to arrive for the motorhome.  We will probably be here another week but it’s turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  We are 15 miles south of Austin at the RV dealer campground that is our base but from here have been able to do some great day trips to small towns, state parks and lakes accompanied by food trips to great Texas restaurants.

Spirits friend Oliver enjoying a belly rub.
We found a great day care kennel for Spirit when she can’t go along with us.  It’s called Onion Creek Kennels and is a wonderful dog place.  Spirit can’t wait to get there to see her one special dog friend, Oliver, who is her size and energy level.  She swims in pools and horse troughs, gets muddy, gets bathed and brushed and comes home and crashes for the evening.  Ah….peace!  When we hike, she comes along.

One small town very near to us is Buda, Texas that has a small downtown with some historic buildings.  It also has a great donut shop and Mexican food restaurant called Garcia’s.  Buda is the home of the wiener dog races which will be held this coming weekend.  Can’t wait to see those.  Dachshunds are being spotted all over the campground this week.  Spirit loves it.  She’ll get to go with us.

Another small town south of us is San Marcos, Texas.  The town itself is larger than we expected without a very interesting downtown but the Guadalupe River runs through it and many go there to kayak or tube the river which is fun to see.  We found a restaurant/bar, the River Pub, that sits above the river near a waterfall where you can eat and drink while watching fun seekers ride their kayaks and tubes through the falls.  Some make it, some don’t but it’s a good laugh.  I had their special burger called the B.O.M.B.  It’s burger-onion-mashed potatoes-bacon!  Wow, what a meal.  I just had to try it.  And it came with fried onion rings on top of all that.  Enough said.  I was stuffed.  Nancy had good enchiladas.

Guadalupe River falls waiting for kayakers
Historic mural celebrating sausage while the mural
below celebrates beer
One day we drove to New Braunfels, Texas because it’s a town of German heritage as I am (this is Betsy) and I love German food.  There was a restaurant there, Friesenhaus Restaurant and Bekery, that is known for their German food and I wanted sauerbraten and spaetzle and Nancy wanted German beer, dough pretzels and sausage.  See the photos attached here and you’ll see that we were successful in our pursuits…..so delicious.  There wasn’t a lot else in this town to see or do but we walked around and admired the historic murals.  The barber museum advertised no longer existed and we couldn’t easily find the furniture museum so maybe it no longer exists.  We moved on.
Celebrating beer brewing through a mural - the towns way of preserving their history through outdoor art

Potato pancakes with applesauce

Delicious sauerbraten and spaetzle with red cabbage

It seems as if we hear about a good place to eat then we head to that town.  So Wimberley, Texas was another destination and it was a nice surprise.  There is a great historic town square with cute shops, a pie company, Miss Mae’s BBQ (click here for a link to the previous post on Miss Mae's) and other small cafes.  There is Taste Buds that is a store where you can taste a lot of Texas salsa, jellies and wine as well as a Life Is Good store if you love their t-shirts like I do.  Driving to all of these towns is exhilarating because all of the Texas wildflowers are in bloom and it’s like looking at flower blankets laid upon unending fields as far as you can see. 

Scenes from Wimberley...
Wimberley Pie Company pies
Gallery at the square
A boutique located in a charming stone building
Of course, there is a place to taste Texas wines
Taste buds has everything from salsa, to wine, to candy
Wimberley town square
Texas longhorns in metal
Wonderful kitchen store - Kiss the Cook
A little bit of everything can be found in Wimberley

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