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Friday, June 1, 2012

West We Go...

Well we made it to Montana on a glorious 70-degree day.  We drove from Wyoming with stunning mountain views, rolling hills peppered with Black Angus cows, and occasional gusty winds trying to redirect the motorhome off the road.  It seems gusty winds and bad road conditions are par for the course here as many interstate on ramps have signs that read “road closed if flashing.”  The only gusty winds and road closures we got in New Orleans were from hurricanes and their inevitable evacuations.

Some people we met at a campground in Wyoming told us about Rock Canyon RV Park in Livingston, Montana.  Since Livingston was on our list of places to visit, we decided to give this campground a try.  The campground is just as wonderful as it looked online and the super nice owners make it a great campground. 

The campground sits perched on the beautiful Yellowstone River between two canyons.   
The next morning an abrupt change in the weather brought home the fact that we really were in Montana and snow is possible year round.  The sun turned to clouds, the warmth turned to cold, and the rain turned to snow.  Remember early last week how the majority of the states were perilously flirting with record high temperatures?  Do you also remember that Montana was experiencing snow storms and there were winter storm warnings?  I can say one thing, the cold temperatures were welcomed after spending quite a few days in Texas struggling through record heat!  We were just glad not to be in the heat.

A cold, rainy morning turned even colder and the snow started to fall.  This picture was taken of the river next to the campground.
As the sky started to clear, we could see the snow capped mountains.
The campground is located in the valley of the Absaroka Range of the Rocky Mountains.
A couple of cozy days were spent inside the motorhome.  We caught up on laundry, reading, writing, and cooking a big pot of gumbo.  The snow made the mountains shine and brought the enchanting colors to life.  We are glad to be in Montana.

Gorgeous sunset from the campground.


  1. It's 106 degrees in Las Vegas today...I'll trade you for a couple cozy days in Montana. That looks like heaven right now!

  2. Please tell us you are in Livingston still!!! We live very close (in Montana measurement) to Livingston and would love to meet you for lunch/dinner/or have you come see where we hang out in the spring and summer.

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