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Friday, July 27, 2012

Kozy in Cody

Betsy here.  I don’t usually highlight dog friends that Spirit makes because she makes so many everywhere we go but this dog friend was too cute to pass up!  When we arrive in each new city or area, we seek out dog parks or doggie daycares so that Spirit can play and have some fun with other dogs since most of the time she’s on the road in the motorhome with us.  And we meet so many of the locals and learn about the area while we stand there with other dog owners watching the dogs play.

When we arrived in Cody, Wyoming for their big Stampede Days rodeo, we were pleased to learn that there was a new, large dog park very near to where we were camped.  And it was alongside a large lake where the dogs could swim.  Since it was so new, not many knew about it and therefore for the first several days there were no dogs there when we showed up.  Spirit was obviously disappointed because she just had us tossing a ball with “chuck it” and then she would swim.

One morning when the park was again empty, a car pulled in.  Spirit barely noticed because no other dogs ever came to play with her.  Now, realize that dog parks are usually separated into fenced areas for big dogs and little dogs.  Luckily the lake was available to big dogs for Spirit to swim.  That car door opened and out ran a tiny little dog with no fur and made a b-line for the big dog area.  I know that Spirit just thought a rabbit had come running even though it had no hair but it was the cutest, funniest little dog we had ever seen……this was KOZY.  She was a Mexican hairless dog who only wanted to play with big dogs. 

KOZY!  Kay said that some Mexican hairless dogs have some hair and Kozy had hair on
her tail and a tuft on her head.
Spirit was beside herself, she was so happy.  They became fast friends and played and ran (Kozy was much faster) and ran until total exhaustion every morning for a week.  And we became fast friends with Kozy’s mom, Kay, a wonderful lady who told us so much about Cody, where to go and what to do.  And she had a great sense of humor so we enjoyed our morning visits too.  Kay nicely brought Kozy every morning so Spirit could be with her friend.

Spirit and Kozy waiting to chase a ball.
Kay also educated us about Mexican hairless dogs, and that there aren’t many in the U.S., and about Kozy specifically.  You see, Kay adopted Kozy from a woman’s prison just outside of Cody where there is a program for the prisoners to raise puppies and train them to be good pets and then they are adopted.  So Kozy grew up in the prison and Kay saw an ad in the local paper for Kozy who was available to be adopted.  So she went to the prison and a guard handed Kozy to her in a kennel and Kay took her home only to realize what a funny little dog she was.  Kay said Kozy makes her laugh all of the time and Kozy also shares her home with a cat and a parrot.

Spirit always tried to get Kozy to swim or at least chase her in the water but Kozy hung on
tight to the shore.

Kozy, because she is hairless, had to have sunscreen on and sometimes wore a light jacket but that didn’t seem to faze Spirit.  Kozy wouldn’t swim in the lake because maybe she was afraid of the water but Spirit would drag sticks and toys into the water to try to get Kozy to swim.  Once Kozy fell in and other times she would put her paws in the water but wouldn’t swim.  Guess that was OK with Spirit because she needed to cool off in the water and knew Kozy was waiting at the shore’s edge for more high speed running.  It was a sad day for Spirit when we had to move on from Cody and Kozy.  Every morning she would run to the door of the motorhome as if to say, “let’s go, I have to meet Kozy!”

We thank you Kay and Kozy for making Cody such a special experience for all of us.

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