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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ride 'em Cowboy

It was day three and time to hit the rodeo.  I couldn't wait to put on my hat and boots and pretend I know something about horses and rodeo.  Frontier Days is in its 116th year and is 10 days of high-octane rodeo action.  It is easy to see why they call this the "Daddy of 'em All."

We arrived at the fairgrounds early and dropped by the Old West Museum to learn about the history of Cheyenne Frontier Days.  The museum is great and has lots of cool old rodeo “stuff” and films highlighting the 116 years of the Frontier Days rodeo.  But what we really loved was the western art show they were featuring during the event….if we only had a house and walls on which to hang art work!  Betsy said many times that this was the best western art that she had ever seen and she went back many times to the sculptures and paintings to see them again.

This beautiful bronze sculpture was called Cow Lick!
The museum featured the prize saddles that will be awarded to the winners.  In addition, there is big money and shinny buckles.  One of our favorite bronze statues was that of "Steamboat" a bucking horse that was only ridden three times.  He is legendary in the rodeo world and some speculate that the horse displayed on the Wyoming license plate is Steamboat.

On our way to the stadium we passed by the chuck wagon cook-off just in time to sample some chow.

The rodeo was great and one day we were there was "Tough Enough to Wear Pink" day in which cowboys and girls showed their support for breast cancer awareness.  So great to see so many people sporting pink!  The rodeo was fast pace and switching up the events that were divided into multiple heats running throughout the day.  Bulls were up first and did not disappoint with multiple rides in the score 90’s (for you non-rodeo folks – that is a good ride).  The bronc riding produced some excitement with a couple of cowboys being launched over the broncs heads.  Luckily, nobody was hurt and everybody walked off the arena floor unassisted.  This rodeo did not disappoint and we recommend anyone who likes rodeo to make plans to stop by Cheyenne to catch a few days action.

Miss Rodeo Wyoming and Me.
Steer wrestling
More steer wrestling
Bareback bronc riding
Bronc rider showing off his pink
There was never a dull moment with the trick roper
Tie down roping
A great event was the wild horse race.  Teams of three had to saddle a wild horse and ride it around the outside track.
Notice how many horses came back without riders.
Lunch and my new cowboy boot coozie.  Only at a rodeo!

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