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Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Worst Campground EVER!

Here we sit inside the RV with all the shades closed on a beautiful Colorado day.  Why?  Well, because we are in possibly the worst campground we have ever been to.  The sites are close…our patio opens directly to the neighbors…there are screaming kids everywhere…three-quarters of the RV’s are incapable of moving…there are dogs chained to truck bumpers…and the owners could care less.  And why do we stay?  Because we wanted to see Aspen.  Believe it or not there is not another campground with full hook ups within 50 miles of Aspen so we decided to grin and bear it!  And besides, there is a lot to do in this area.  The weather is still hot and we need the hook ups for the air conditioner for Spirit.

Just a little lopsided.
Yesterday evening, while we were holed up in “the cave” (as I like to call the moho when all the blinds are shut), there was a soft “tap, tap, tap” at the door.  I looked outside to see who was possibly interested in chatting with us.  It was two dirty faced little girls dressed in their pretty light blue satin and white taffeta dresses and heels.  (Poor things - all dressed up and nowhere to go.)  One little girl asked “do you have a kid in there?”  Oh, the responses that swirled around in my head.  I guess she thought with two women, the likelihood of one being a mom was pretty good.  I politely said, “no we don’t have a kid in here” at which point the other girl said, “but you have a puppy.”  Uh, oh now we were in trouble.  I politely replied, “yes, but she is sleeping.”  Just then I realized there was a supersonic tail wagging dog standing right behind me ready to bolt out the door and roll in the dirt with these girls.  Luckily, they were very polite and decided our camper had nothing to offer so they moved on. 

The closest neighbors we've ever had.....too close.
Somebody's yard needs a little tidying up.
There we sit smashed between two RV.
A toilet on display as we look out our window.  Who does this?!!
So you are probably wondering, is there a bright side?  Of course!  One mile down the road there was a new Whole Foods Market opening, we found a delicious Asian restaurant to satisfy our culinary desires, there was a peaceful patio bar with cold draught beer, and a grocery that sold Graeters Ice Cream.  All we needed was food to turn our bad fortune around. 

Whole Foods was in walking distance so we headed over there on the morning of their grand opening.  After all the speeches and hoopla, the doors opened and we enjoyed breakfast pastries and fresh fruit and I was the stores first customer.  Nearly 10 years ago, we went to the opening of the first Whole Foods in New Orleans and met a great guy named Will Paradise, a President with the company.  Will is very unassuming, energetic, enthusiastic and engaging.  When we met him in New Orleans he gave us free samples and a dog toy for our dog Otter.  We never forgot him.  He was at the opening in Colorado and just as generous, unassuming, energetic, enthusiastic, and engaging.  We chatted with him for a while and he shared the little known fact that Whole Foods was very involved in feeding people after Hurricane Katrina.  The store was looted, but to a minor degree.  The company quickly realized there was a true need for basic supplies that existed in the city.  He is very proud of the fact that Whole Foods had food shipped from Texas, opened their doors, and fed people in the city.  At one time, they were providing more food than FEMA.  Go figure.  Thanks Will and Whole Foods!

Ah, but then there is the ice cream.  Graeter's ice cream is a Cincinnati company that Betsy grew up eating.  They were recently ranked as one of the country’s Top 10 ice creams by Food and Wine.  After leaving Cincinnati, we regularly had it shipped to New Orleans and indulged in flavors like black raspberry chocolate chip, pumpkin, summer peach, peppermint, mocha chocolate chip, etc.  The chocolate chips are huge and the ice cream is so creamy.  We were sooooo happy to find Graeter's!

Once again, food (and a cold beer) lifted our spirits.  We may want to stay another week.  Or not!  We're out of here tomorrow with lots of Graeter's in our freezer.

This RV was really cool.  A young architect designed and built it.


  1. Oh my! That is some campground you found. Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. I'm sure Aspen was worth it. We have a great ice cream company in Arkansas. If you ever get the chance try some of Yarnells Ice Cream. Yumm good.

  2. You are not kidding, that is an UGLY campground. Hopefully it at least had a reasonable price.

    Of course, that ice cream does solve lots of pain... ;c)


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