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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Chics with Axes

When our friend Joanne, visiting us from Philly, mentioned that she liked lumberjack shows and chainsaw carvings, we knew we had to make the short drive from Breckenridge to the neighboring town of Frisco for the annual Fall Fest.  After all, we were not going to let her go alone when we heard the festival headliner was “Timber Tina’s World Champion Jumberjills,” affectionately known as “Chics with Axes.”  Come on…who wouldn't be curious to see a festival with Chics with Axes?  And I might want to start a new career!  

Timber Tina showing off her chainsaw skills.
But these ladies can do more than just swing axes - they can throw them too!  When they finally put the axes down, they would pick up blazing chainsaws and transform sturdy logs into sawdust.  For a little change of pace they hop onto a floating log and begin the traditional lumberjack (or Jill as the case may be) competition of log rolling.  These highly entertaining women put on a great show.  Turns out they are based out of Bar Harbor, Maine and we stayed at an RV park a mile down the road last summer but never went to their show.  They travel the country demonstrating the skills necessary to compete in logging sports competitions.

The family-oriented festival provided fun, food, and entertainment for all ages.  Kids had a great time competing in the firefighter competition.  They quickly donned fire gear, grabbed a fire hose, and wrestled with the powerful steam of water until they knocked over the target.

Somebody is sizing up the competition.
Where is the fire?  
Hey, how do I turn this on?
 Other festival attractions included arts and crafts, chainsaw art, food, and kids activities (like some crazy inflated ball rolling around in water).

This is one reason we did not let Joanne go alone.
The Summit County Art community were decorating a very plain wall.
Colorado loves to show off their colorful flowers.  After all, they don't have many months to grow delicate flowers.

The town of Frisco lies in a beautiful valley between Vail and Breckenridge adjacent to the Dillion Reservoir.  The town wants to make sure visitors know that they were not named after San Francisco, California.  The name actually is derived from a combination of letters associated with the St. Louis – San Francisco Railway Company.  Ironically, the railroad never made it to town.  

The downtown visitor center and historic park museum is a great place to get insight into what life was like in the early days in Frisco.  The museum is very well done with each building having a video kiosk that illustrates and describes life in the mid to late 1800’s.

After touring the museum I can say for certain that I am glad I did not live there in the early days!  Living in poorly insulated wood houses, working in the mines, and surviving blustery cold winters (in a dress) is not my idea of fun.  It was now time to head to the modern conveniences of lunch and a beer at the Backcountry Brewery.
We decided to leave Joanne locked in the jail.  

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