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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Out and About in Breckenridge, Colorado

When our friends from Philly wanted a break from the summer heat and the stress of work (something we have already forgotten about) we decided to have them meet us in Breckenridge.  So why did we choose a ski town in summer?  Because Breckenridge is just as busy in the summer as it is in the winter.  We could have stayed here for a month and still not done everything.  Besides the usual hiking, fishing, shopping we found lots to do.  In previous posts I wrote about our experience panning for gold and watching women wielding chain saws but here is the rest of the Breckenridge activities.

The town was founded in 1859 and despite a loss of some historic buildings due to fire and time, the downtown is well-preserved and the attractive flower-lined downtown streets are very welcoming to visitors a’ pied.  To add to the city’s charm is the Blue River which leisurely drifts through town thus inviting people (and dogs) to come in for a dip in the cool water or relax on the bank with a picnic lunch. 

While strolling through historic downtown, we discovered the Breckenridge Visitor Center and Heritage Alliance.  Low and behold, they advertised a historic narrated tour called “Behind Swinging Doors - Saloon Tour.”  Well, that didn’t take us long to sign up for especially since we were going to have part of our history lesson in a historic bar enjoying a pint and then visiting the Breckenridge Distillery for a tasting.  Our charismatic guide led us around town and brought to life the idea of a bar bustling mining town in the late 1800’s when saloons were on all four corners of the block. 


The western mountains of Breckenridge are striped with ski runs, chair lifts and a gondola carrying winter lovers to their powdery paradise.  When we saw the gondola was available to eager visitors wishing to head up the mountain, we were game.  The gondola only got us so far and if we wanted the real “view” we were going to have to brave the chair lift for a ride to the top.  Betsy and I are not keen on heights and soon we were feeling that we had made a fatal mistake by riding the lift and leaving the safety of terra firma.  The chair that suspended us swung with the wind and our feet dangled precariously above the ground as we seemed to be rising higher and higher.  Safely at the top we were treated to spectacular views of the mountains and the gold flecks of the aspens heading to their winter dormancy.  Our enjoyment was spoiled when we remembered we had to get back on the lift to go down.

The gondola was a great ride - we were safely enclosed and no dangling body parts.
The chair lift turned out to be a great  idea.  We both ended up loving it!
The view of "Breck" from over 11,000 feet was beautiful.
We had a great summer experience in this winter wonderland which was made even more fun with our friends.  Breck turned out to be our favorite Colorado city so far.

Betsy's dear friend from high school, Jane and husband Bill, rode their motorcycle to Breckenridge to see us again.
What a great surprise visit and we continued our fun!


  1. Breckenridge is absolutely my favorite place to ski and it's just as beautiful there in the summer. Glad you guys got to see it!

  2. Colorado will be on our path next year. Right now in Elkhart IN having some warranty work done. We leave Sunday and start our journey down to Fort Pickens again and then over to Punta Gorda for the beginning of 5 months in Florida.

  3. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful pictures. We love the mountains and Colorado is our favorite state

    Travel Safe

  4. Love the area too. So glad you got to enjoy it during a beautiful time of year.


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