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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Moving On to Arizona

Who wouldn't want to hike to this view?
Our last day in Zion was pretty low key and not as action-packed as many of the others.  The day involved breaking camp, grocery shopping, and doing RV maintenance.  Yes, not every day is filled with fun and relaxing activities - sometimes we have work to do.  We had to flush the water heater, lubricate things, put fluid in things, and clean other things.  All of which we learned how to do on You Tube. 

Despite our busy day we did manage to break away from the mundane and go to Zion NP for one more hike.  A hike that turned out to be one of our favorites.  The Canyon Overlook Trail is not long, not too strenuous, and has great views so you get a lot for a little bit of effort.  The highlight of the trip was watching a flock of desert bighorn sheep that were a mere fifteen feet away.  As oblivious hikers watched their footing on the narrow rocky trail the sheep flitted around the rocks and munched on the shrubs.  Their movements are graceful and fluid as they bound up and down rocks effortlessly without missing a step.  Accustomed to hikers, they did not pay attention to us except to pose gracefully as we directed our cameras towards them.  What a treat to see them so close and watch their behavior.

Spirit had one last day at the Doggy Dude Ranch – her home away from home for a couple of nights and days when we were deep in the park.  She came home covered in red dust that let off a cloud when you patted her.  But she was happy, they took great care of her, and she was tired.

Bye, bye Zion!
What dog wouldn't want to be a "doggy dude" for a few days?
Doggy Dude Ranch is a great place to board or day care your dog if you are in the area.  Wonderful people and great pet care.  Thank you.

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