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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Back to School

Don't worry mom and dad this does not mean it is time to shell out more tuition money or that I will be attending a fifth college.  When I turned in my Master's thesis at Louisiana State University, I drove off campus swearing that I would never set foot in a classroom again.  I was done!  That promise was broken a mere twelve years later when I decided to enroll in culinary school.  After that, another promise was made to never sit in a classroom again.  Well there is still lots of learning to do and when it relates to something of interest it seems promises get broken.

It didn't hurt that there were free warm pastries and hot coffee.
Before Betsy and I bought our RV we attended "RV College."  The real name for the course was "Life on Wheels" but we thought RV College had a better ring to it.  Our friends thought we were nuts to fly across the country, spend a weeks vacation in Bowling Green, KY and learn about RV's.  But we were jazzed!  The week-long course was designed to cover every aspect of RV'ing from buying it, living in it, to driving it and so on.  There were sessions on insurance, fire safety, maintenance, cooking, engines, and more.  We were immersed in everything RV and loved it.  Soon we learned there was a lot to learn.  But this course was a step forward and made us really eager to buy our big machine and start traveling.

So now while we are staying at Lazy Days we are taking full advantage of the free seminars that are offered.  Our first week here and we passed up the warm sparkling pool to do the unspeakable....sit in a classroom.  Seminar topics varied and we sat through sessions on RV site hookup, general questions and answers (where you could ask anything), maintenance, generators, and we even sat in on a two-hour seminar on RV chassis.   The sessions were taught by someone who has worked in the industry for 40 years and has a great understanding of RV's and RV'ing.  We learned so much but are not done yet.  This week we plan on going to the generator class and taking a driver confidence course.  Oh sure, we have been driving this rig for almost two years but based on the few scratches and dings, I'm certain we can learn something.


  1. Good for you, you can always learn something that will save you money, or grief (or both) down the road. :c)

  2. I bought my rig at Lazy Days in FL and just love their free classes.

  3. Last year we were at the Tampa campground but didn't attend any seminars. Now that we are here for two months we have really taken advantage of them (and the morning pastries).

  4. You're at the Tucson LD, yeah? It will be easy for people to find you - just look for the RV. :D


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