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Saturday, November 24, 2012

"Black Friday"

All the hype on television about “Black Friday” made us swear we were not leaving the serenity of our campground (now dubbed “RV Club Med”).  There was no way we were getting in traffic, fighting crowds, standing in lines, or venturing out at midnight to save 10%.  What could we possibly need so badly that we would put ourselves through such misery and mayhem?
Our big purchase - a water softener.  We
are hoping for softer laundry and fluffier
hair. While we didn't need Rob for security,
he was nice enough to carry the softener
home for us.

But, wait a minute, Camping World was having a "Black Friday" sale and it is right here on grounds!  What RV’er could pass up a sale at Camping World?  There would be no need to sharpen our elbows (as my grandma used to say) or wake up at some ungodly hour to fight our way to sale items.  So with our pockets bulging with credit cards, our neighbor Rob accompanying us for security, and Spirit in tow, away we went to do the unspeakable.…. shop on Black Friday. 

Our lives have been slightly disrupted since the moho has been undergoing repairs.  We drop it off at 8 a.m. and then find something to do until we get the call in the evening saying we can pick it up.  Sometimes this means Spirit gets a whole day romping in PetSmart doggy day camp and we get to meander through the well-stocked isles of Total Wine.  Or some days, we sit on our empty lot and pretend we have a virtual RV.  The nice thing about a virtual RV is that I can’t look at the dirty windows or the bugs that are not baked into the front windshield and get up and start working.  Just sit in the shade of our tree and read.  I did manage to pack a cooler with a couple of beers, just in case we get thirsty.

Can you see our virtual RV?  The site looks pretty ratty without the moho.
Yea the macerator is fixed...no more messy sewer hoses for this girl.


  1. So . . . did you score terrific Camping World deals? What did you buy?

  2. Just the water softener with the 10% off. Here's hoping our hard water stains on the wine glasses go away.


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