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Sunday, November 11, 2012

It's Time to Settle Down

Don’t let the title fool you…our idea of settling down is to be in one place for a month.  That’s a pretty long stretch for us wandering vagabonds who normally spend four or five days in one place.  
We landed in Tucson and put our jacks down, took the kayaks off the car, and removed the bikes from their comfortable position on the back of the coach.  So why Tucson?  Well a couple of reasons, Betsy’s college friends Melinda and Dick (who Betsy reconnected with in Colorado) have their winter home here so we could spend more time with them; it’s time for the coach to see the RV doctor for an annual checkup; and it’s time for us to go to the dentist and Spirit to go to the vet for her annual vaccines.  Oh, and Tucson is warm!  

So far the campground is fairly empty....yea!  Our neighbor has two
energetic dogs that are Spirits' best friends in the dog park...double yea!
We settled into Lazy Days RV Campground and marveled at the gorgeous orange sunset and the distant Catalina Mountains.  Lazy Days is a large RV dealer with copious service bays and a sprawling campground.  Last year we spent a few days at their facility in Tampa, Florida and were horrified at the old and tightly spaced campground.  Needless to say, the Tucson facility is much, much nicer and we were pleasantly surprised.  In fact this “campground” is more like an RV resort than a campground – there are two heated pools with spas, fitness room, a full-service restaurant, extremely large dog park, free pastries and coffee in the morning, and you are offered a cold bottle of water every time you enter or exit the facility.  (It’s the small things that mean a lot!)  And, in our spare time, we will attend some of the many free seminars offered here.  So now it is time to explore our new town - which usually starts with finding the nearest grocery store.  There seems to be a lot to do in Tucson and the surrounding area so I’m sure our month will fly by.  Here are some more pictures of our new neighborhood.

Next to the lobby and check-in is a business center, restaurant, game room, and meeting space.
We have already spent hours looking in all the RV's for sale.  This weekend is a show with free food and giveaways.  With Spirit in tow we all ate free hot dogs. 
Here is another perk - there are citrus trees all over the park.  So when we are not looking at RV's, exploring Tucson, we will be baking lemon meringue pies and mixing lemon drop martinis.
O.k., we will be using this.
One of two pools with hot tubs adjacent.


  1. We used to spend a lot of time in the Tucson area when we were shooting--spent a great deal of time at Beaudry's, now called Lazy Days. It was convenient to the airport when we had guests or family flying in. Great park and good service!

  2. I was just catching up on your blog and now have Take it easy running through my head, I never get back to sleep:( sounds like a nice park to settle into for a month. We are enjoying a visit from my brother, and making plans for our departure out east in a couple of weeks.


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