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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

“Standing on a Corner in Flagstaff, Arizona”

Leaving the splendor of the Grand Canyon was hard but alas we must move on so we made a quick stop in Flagstaff to check out the town.  Betsy has always heard good things about this little town so we found a KOA and parked the rig.  I am lukewarm regarding KOA’s but this one had a great thing going for it – a National Forest right in back and our site faced the forest.  Our view was of Mt. Elden and the towering ponderosa pines and every day we had great walks in the forest with mule deer, jack rabbits, and squirrels for Spirit to chase and amusing rocks.

The city’s history dates back to 1876 when settlers passing through honored the nation’s centennial by raising the American flag up a pine tree.  This “flag staff” became a landmark and eventually the town’s namesake.   Like many other western towns, the westward expansion of the railroad attracted pioneering entrepreneurs.  Flagstaff became a thriving town with the railroad, ranching, and lumber businesses. 

Flagstaff sits on the historic and famed Route 66.  Route 66 is synonymous with the American road trip but don’t expect that it was immune to modern development.  Interspersed amongst the historic buildings and iconic hotels are lube shops and fast food joints.  One of the most famous stops is the Museum Club, a juke joint that has seen the likes of famous musical acts making their way across the country to Los Angeles.  The famous line from the Eagles song “Take it Easy” was written by Jackson Browne after he found himself standing on the corner in Flagstaff, Arizona when traveling Route 66 to L.A.  The lyrics were written as “standing on a corner in Flagstaff, Arizona” but Browne found it easier to sing “Winslow, Arizona” so the lyrics were changed.  (Winslow is the next town just to the east of Flagstaff.)  Unfortunately, that song has been stuck in my head for the last three days and hummed over and over.  Time to move on…

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