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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Finding friends in Catalina State Park

Yesterday we took a drive to Catalina State Park in northern Tucson where we met some fellow RV (and blogger) friends, Gail and Matt.  We met them last year in Cedar Key, Florida and clicked with them right away when they said they wanted to meet at the Low Key Hideaway Tiki Bar (which we highly recommend visiting).  So when they invited us to their campground for a hike and a late lunch, we were game. 

Catalina State Park is nestled up next to the Catalina Mountains and we were envious of their campsite which was extra-large, private, and had spectacular views.  

Their dog "Freeway" loved the warm
desert sun and her large yard.
Our day passed quickly as we thoroughly enjoyed catching up with them and hearing about their travels in the year since Cedar Key.  It seems that many of the places they visited last summer are on our list of places to visit this summer.  Gail and Matt filled our stomachs with grilled tri-tip steak, asparagus, baked potatoes, and the most wonderfully delicious chocolate bourbon pecan pie (with home-made whip cream).  YUM!

In between satisfying our taste buds and chatting, Matt brought out some rye whiskey from northern Montana and whipped up a batch of margaritas.

Hopefully, we will see them next winter in Florida and can get another re-cap of their year.  We love meeting new people and reconnecting with them in our travels.

Safe travels Gail, Matt, and Freeway.

Last winter at the Tiki Bar with Mike and Janna (Tin Tee Pee/Log Cabin) and Gail and Matt (Retired Voyagers).

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  1. Fun times--we will see those guys in a couple weeks. Catalina is the best park!


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