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Monday, January 14, 2013

Frozen Arizona

Hard Freeze Warning in Southern Arizona

What happened to sunny, warm southern Arizona?  Isn't that why we came to the desert southwest for two months.  I guess we should not complain because it will soon be back in the 60's and there is no snow to shovel.  But, if we want warm weather it looks as though we need to drive south to Cancun...or Chicago of all places.  For the last couple of nights we have been unhooking the water hose, fluffing the down comforter, and cranking up the space heaters.  If things get much colder we may consider using Spirit as more slumbering insulation!  Once we are in for the night, everything is good and we are toasty warm.  That is until Spirit decides 3 a.m. would be a good time to go outside for a potty break.  I promptly remind Betsy that Spirit is her dog.  Burr!

Weather for Tucson, AZ

31°F | °CSunMonTueWed
Wind: SE at 9 mph
Humidity: 39%46°25°45°25°48°28°64°39°

Despite the cold, we ventured out today for a beautiful hike at Catalina State Park.  I think this is the first time we hiked with hot coffee instead of water.  The bright sun and azure blue sky warmed the 40 degree day and energized all three of us.

We finally found water in the desert and low and behold there was ice.  The "water dog" was happy.

On our way home we stopped at Lee Lee's Asian Market to stock up on Asian delights like potstickers and wontons, as well as staples such as rice paper, sesame oil, and hoison sauce.  We love Asian markets which we became familiar with while living in New Orleans.  New Orleans has a large Vietnamese population and their cuisine quickly rose to be one of our favorites - especially spring rolls and pho (Vietnamese soup).

More photos from Catalina State Park and our hike. 

We watched this road runner for five minutes.  Spirit was desperate to be released and chase the bird.


  1. It may be cold but it is beautiful. Also no wind means more comfortable day for being outside.

    1. I'll take a 40 degree day over a 100 degree day anytime. The cold weather just means we eat more comfort food.


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