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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Leaving Tucson

After living in the desert for nearly two months, I have to say it has not grown on me.  The desert is quite a unique environment and the saguaro cactus are somehow endearing.  But, I long for the rocky coast of Maine, cold clear alpine lakes of the Rockies, and the sugar white sandy beaches of the Florida panhandle.  Do you see the common thread?  Water!  Could it be that I grew webbed feet after living in south Louisiana for 15 years?

Rob working waffle magic.
While we are not leaving the desert entirely, we are making a move towards the southern coast of California via Scottsdale, Quartzsite, and Palm Desert.  O.K., so there is a lot more desert in my future.

So we say goodbye to Tucson with great memories of spending time with old friends and making new ones.  Thanks to Melinda and Dick for all the great meals and martinis and sharing their love for Tucson and their beautiful home. Our stay at Lazydays was made wonderful by the many people we met at the dog park.  The first person we met was Rob who we instantly liked and spent many wonderful mornings at his “house” eating corned beef hash and home-made waffles.  We will miss our neighbors Shirley, Ray and their dog "Snow" who entertained us their sense of humor and practical jokes.  Gotta love friends like that!  And as we were leaving, Cheryl (another dog park friend) gave us some home-made orange marmalade for the trip.  Hopefully, our new friends will not fade away and we will reunite somewhere in our travels.

Such a happy dog, Spirit!
Christmas dinner with Dick, Melinda, Glenda, and Dick (new
friends via Dick and Melinda).
The "black back dog pack"  Spirit, Dexter, and Missy
Of course we had to eat Mexican food one more time and saved the best for last and went to the highly acclaimed Mi Niditos (meaning My Little Nest).  Some new friends, Mike and Lindy (and fellow Phaeton owners), were game to join us on this culinary adventure.  Let’s just say it was the best Mexican food yet and we really enjoyed the company of our new friends.  We swapped RV stories and they gave us great advice on places to go as our RV adventure continues.  

And there was one last museum - The Tucson Rodeo Parade Museum.  The parade dates back to 1925 when Tucson was a frontier town.  Tucson has the largest non-motorized parade in the country and it is easy to see why when you visit this museum.  They have an extensive collection of carriages, buggies, surries, and various other wheeled carts that are pulled behind four-legged animals.  We got a personal tour from George who welcomed us and proudly led us through the museum and a piece of Tucson history.

Thanks for the tour, George!

An old circus cart.
One cart you really did not want to ride in.
A cart commissioned by Napoleon for the King of Mexico's coronation.
Now off to Scottsdale and more food and adventure.  This "full timing" life rocks!  

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  1. Have a good, safe trip up to Scottsdale !!!! Your last two entries are why we tend to follow behind you...... we NEVER would have found the stamp or parade museums !!! Thanks !!!!
    Gail, Matt and Freeway


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