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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Time to Weigh In

You didn't think I was talking about weighing ourselves, did you?

On our way from Scottsdale to Quartzsite, we took a detour and went to the Escapees Park North Ranch in Congress in order to have our coach weighed.  The total weight and side-to-side balance of weight is very important to the safe handling of the coach, prevent damage to the chassis, and determine correct tire pressure.  We have been to CAT truck scales before and have always been safely underweight on the front and back axles.  These scales are fairly inexpensive (about $10) and convenient but do not provide the weight of each tire (unless you are willing to spend a bit of time maneuvering your big machine around the scales and make burly truckers mad). 

The Escapees SmartWeight was super easy and, though we had to drive a little out of our way, we are glad to know we are safely underweight and had pretty good side-to-side balance of weight.  Betsy blames one side weighing more due to me sitting on that side but I blame it on where she placed her super-sized bottle of vodka!  

The process only takes about 20 minutes and costs $55 to weigh the motorhome and towed car.  Our friends Lindy and Mike were there to greet us and nicely watched Spirit as we went through the process.  A slight shift of some of our stuff and a little less tire pressure is all we need to adjust.  Thank goodness I don't have to get rid of my Cuisinart stand mixer or new popover pan.  The vodka will disappear on its own.


  1. We solved our problem by carrying only "Light" beer :>)

  2. But, after the "disappearance"--comes the replenishment! It's a no-win situation;and endless cycle!

  3. Great idea...."replenish" with "light" beer.

  4. Does the consumption of margarits and wine help with the decrease of weight?


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