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Monday, February 4, 2013

An Evening with Naked Joan

I thought this might get your attention and keep you reading.  "Joan" was sculpted by American artist John De Andrea and is made of polyester resin and painted with oil.  She is so realistic that museum goers stare embarrassingly and while she doesn't say a lot there sure is a lot said about her!    

Who doesn't like free attractions?  When I found out the Palm Springs Art Museum was free on Thursday evenings and was just two blocks from the weekly downtown Villagefest street fair, we were there!  This was going to be a big night out so I put on an ironed blouse (which is a big deal), my best jeans, and favorite Lucchese boots ready to hit the glitz of the desert streets for some Cali culture.  Betsy looked just as sharp.  

Since we are not art aficionados and can’t decipher a Monet from a Renior, we thought this was going to be a quick in and out.  Wrong.  Right away we started getting into the exhibits.  There was furniture made out of cardboard, a glass man in a hoody, a wooden horse sculpture, and people made out of resin that are so real you stare for minutes to see if they breathe.  Many of the pieces are very dynamic with sound, movement, lights, and other eye-catching appeal especially for two ladies who were not in the mood for an evening of still life’s.

the glass man in the hoody
believe it or not...these people are not real
"rattlesnake baskets" made in Guatemala - so called because each basket has a rattlesnake in the design
Enough culture, it was time to hit the streets and check out the vendors.  We were not temped by the rhinestone belts, the ceramic spoon rests, and the herbal oils, but we could not pass on the homemade toffee.  The street fair had many vendors that we had already seen at other fairs around town but this one had live music on every block and the energy of a warm desert evening.  The weather was perfect for eating outside so we settled in to Zin Bistro and made a meal of cheese, beef carpaccio, calamari, and red wine.  So our free evening of entertainment ended up costing a bit but it was a perfect end to a great week in the California desert.    

We found Sonny Bono resting on the fountain in the city where he served as mayor.

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