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Sunday, February 10, 2013

California Dreamin'

After almost two years of full-time RV’ing, we finally made it to the west coast.  We have been meandering around the west and southwest for the last eight months and yesterday we fixed our eyes on the mighty blue California ocean.  What a sight!  Although I have never lived in California, I felt like I was home and so glad to be back to the ocean.  The salty air was so comforting and soothing (just like I was wrapped up on the couch in a snuggy) and something about being near the ocean just makes me smile.

The view from the front window of our motorhome
As luck would have it we found a beach side campground in Faria Beach (just north of Ventura) for our first night by the ocean.  It was nothing fancy but the view was unbeatable from this little county park where RV’s jam themselves in side-by-side just for an awesome view of the waves and the sound of crashing surf.  We opted to dry camp since the full-hookup sites were too small for our rig and the locals had already grabbed the full-hookup deluxe spots.  For you non-RV’ers dry camping means we basically pay for nothing.  We have no water, sewer, cable, wifi, etc. just a parking spot for the rig.  And that was fine with us...we were back on the ocean.

We found a great site and pulled straight in facing the ocean.  And after we dropped the jacks, put out the slides, unrolled the rug, and set up the bar, we were told that all sites were back-in in case of the need to evacuate.  Great!  Maybe we should have thought twice about camping in a tsunami zone.  No worries, we found another spot and enjoyed our new view. 

Spirit went to doggy heaven three times a day as she ran and ran on the beach at low tide.  She learned the waves do crash hard over one’s head, sand does not taste as good as it looks, and shorebirds are very good at avoiding zealous dogs.

We played "chuck-it" for hours and she could not have been happier.
We settled in nicely to our beach house on some prime California real estate, checked out the tidal pools, and enjoyed wine fireside.

As we were watching the sunset we spotted a baby sea lion. He was hanging out on the rocks while his mother went to feed.
A mussel lovers dream!
Happy, happy, happy.....
Thanks Ginger for the great idea of a title for this.  We are truly "California Dreamin'"!

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