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Thursday, February 14, 2013

RV Park Review - Faria Beach County Park (Ventura, California)

Faria Beach Park website

The view from our living room (site #4)
Overall, we liked this park and I would give it a 7.5/10.  We liked it because it was right on the ocean (waves were literally breaking on the rock jetty and spraying campers).  The downside was the sites are very close and you are packed in tightly but if you want a gorgeous view of the California coast and easy access it doesn’t seem to matter.  There are really no amenities except bathrooms and a small cafe.  All sites have picnic tables and a fire pit.  There are varying levels of sites and costs.  Premium sites with full hookups (and cable) have a paved site for $50/night.  Full hookup (and cable, unpaved sites) are $47/night.  We opted for dry camping at $33/night. 

What we liked: was that this park had a great ocean view and was a short walk to the beach (20 yards).  The beach was great for walking on at low tide and we were there many times a day.  The town of Ventura is only about 5 miles away and is a really great town with a laid-back feeling.    

The campground had bathrooms and a shower that were older but clean.  No laundry facilities or other amenities except the cafĂ© which is open Thurs – Sun (this time of year) and has great food.  We split the breakfast burrito that was filled with three eggs, bacon, cheese, hashbrowns and served with salsa.  They claim to have big, juicy burgers but we didn’t try them.  The park is open to day-users and fills up with surfers and fishermen which makes for fun people watching. 

The not so good: was the fact that you have to back-in to all the sites (except two pull-thrus). We were told that all sites were back-in in case they had to evacuate the park (tsunami hazard).  That works great for 5th wheelers that have large back windows but not us.  Even the pull-thru sites don't face the ocean.  When we arrived, we pulled straight in to our site but were quickly told by the camp host that was not allowed and we would have to back-in or move to another site.  The other downside of this park is how close the sites are to each other.  The premium sites are nice but there are only 4 so you will have to fight for them.  All sites are on a first-come, first-served basis and the campground is very busy on weekends and during the summer.  Get there early and hang out to see who is leaving or you will be without a spot.

Spirits two cents:  and overall impression was very good.  She loved running on the beach and chasing her tennis ball.  The only bad part was that the beach was completely covered at high tide so play time had to wait sometimes.  

Crowded weekend.
Not a bad spot in our opinion.

The cafe run by the camphost.  Campers and surfers alike were often here.
The view from the beach of the campground.
The deluxe sites.
Our view before we were told all spots were back-ins.  Boo, hoo.

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  1. I would hate to loose that view too. How do you do all that wonderful cooking while dry camping? If we have to run the generator all night I would just as soon pay for full hook ups. But I am lazy and cheap like that. LOL Happy Valentines Day


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