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Thursday, February 14, 2013

RV Park Review – Ventura Ranch KOA (Santa Paula, California)

Ventura Ranch KOA website

Overall, I would rank this park as a 5/10.  I am not a big fan of KOA because they are way to geared towards kids and more expensive than other campgrounds.  However, we stayed here because there were not too many other choices in this area and we wanted cable tv for the Super Bowl.  The site was gravel and very close to another on each side.  We had a fire pit and picnic table but were so close to our neighbors that it was not very inviting to sit outside.  However there was some privacy due to the trees between sites.  The buildings (bathroom, clubhouse, office, etc.) were a mix of old and new and all were clean (granted the park was not very busy when we were there).  This park would be hell for us if it was during high season and full of kids. Just saying! There are lots of tent sites, yurts and looks like it fills with campers in the summer.

What we liked: is really nothing.  I didn’t particularly like anything about the park but it was o.k. for the few nights while we were sight-seeing.  One plus was that there were alot of trees on the property.

The not so good:  is all the kid-oriented activities and close sites.  If that is what you like then this is a great place for you. There is a zip line, rock wall, go-carts, jumping pillow, swings, and other miscellaneous kid stuff.  Our site was not level so blocks had to come out and that never makes me happy, especially when we are paying $51/night for a site.  When I unhooked the water to leave, the plastic pvc pipe (that was a bad repair in the first place) burst and water was spraying on my surge protector for 15 minutes until a maintenance guy shut off the water.  Luckily, my surge protector was in a plastic case and did not get wet.

Spirits two cents: is a mixed review.  There is no off-leash dog park but the RV park was so big that you could get a good walk in.  The RV park sits adjacent to a creek that was good for wading but not swimming.  We found a vacant piece of land just outside the park and we played "chuck-it" so she could run off-leash.
Pull throughs that cost same as back-ins.  Note the site with patio on far right that was the most expensive.

In addition to RV sites, the campground also has yurts, glamor tents, cabins, and tent sites.
The park is very large and has one area that is dedicated to activities (like the rock wall and go -carts seen here).
For those who want to go "glamping" there are tents for you.
Back-in sites and cabins.

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