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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Moss Landing, California

The tiny town of Moss Landing is cute, cute, cute!  What is not to love about a laid-back coastal fishing town with friendly people, a dog beach, fresh crabs for sale right off the boat, and an award winning cioppino restaurant?  Don’t come to this town thinking there is a lot to do – it is pretty small.  But within just a few blocks of the town’s only RV park is a fresh produce market, handful of restaurants, a couple of boutiques and galleries, a busy harbor, and a beautiful beach.  We saw the whole town in a day but ended up staying for four.

The town is centered on the working waterfront and harbor that is abuzz with commercial fishing boats and pleasure boats coming and going.  The smell of the sea abounds and the abundant marine life is ever present with sea otters floating in the harbor, seals basking on the docks, and sea lions dashing through the surf. 

A visit to this town is not complete without eating at Phil’s Fish Market.  The legendary restaurant was made even more popular when Phil won a “Throwdown” with Bobby Flay” with his outstanding cioppino.  We celebrated our 20 year anniversary together at Phil's eating cioppino, crab and an excellent wine and had such a great evening!  

The town is very dog friendly and Spirit loved running along the mile-long beach where dogs are allowed to indulge in the freedom of being off-leash.  Twice a day she drug us to the beach to feel the soft sand beneath her paws and the cold wet Pacific Ocean on her fur.  (Not that I am complaining about having to go to the beach twice a day.)  O.k., so Spirit is not as dramatic as I am and the real reason she wanted to go was to play with the three Leonberger dogs that she met.  

They dwarfed her in size but not might.  She wrestled, ran, bullied, and chased these three dogs to near exhaustion.  When the Leonbergers were not around, she busily searched the beach for other dogs with toys that she could steal.  Recovering the stolen goods was not easy, but once we did, we returned them to their rightful owner and apologized profusely for the antics of a puppy so happy with life on the California coast.

Before we left, we went back to the marina for fresh crabs.  We were leaving Moss Landing with good memories and tasty dungeness crabs.

Feisty crabs sure make for good eatin'.  A little salt in the pot and 17 minutes later, these beauties were on the table.

Steamed dungeness crabs with butter and fried artichoke hearts...Yum!

We finished our coastal dinner with some hand-made truffles from some women we met at the campground.  Who wouldn't want to camp next to someone who makes the most decadent, silky, rich chocolate truffle that is a flavor explosion in your mouth?  Check out www.truffleocity.com next time you are in the mood for chocolate deliciousness or are looking for a great gift for that special someone.  They have 20 different flavored truffles like Bailey's Irish Cream, chocolate cheesecake, coconut, and espresso to tempt even the most disciplined dieter.  Thanks ladies, we sure enjoyed the truffles.

Enjoy your day, we sure enjoyed ours in Moss Landing.


  1. OMG, amazaing place we will put it on our list for sure!!

    Tobi & Kathy

  2. Wow! Sounds deliciously fun! It's on our list, too!


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