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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

RV Park Review – Costanoa (Pescadero, California)

Costanoa website

Overall, I don’t know what to say about this place because it is a little confusing as to what it is.  It is called an “eco adventure resort” that has a spa, lodge, cottages, glamour tents (or at least trying to be glamorous), restaurant, gift shop, conference center…and then there is a KOA RV park in the back of the property next to the horse barn.  There are four RV/tent loops with varying prices and degrees of space but all are full-hookup with cable and wifi.  We opted for a pull-thru site which was cheaper (@$42/night) than the back-in but much closer together.  The roads and RV pads are paved.  Not all sites in the pull-thru area are level and we asked to move sites because of that reason.  Every site has a picnic table.  
Site W-10
What we liked…hmm, the lady that checked us in was very nice.  Our loop was not very crowded so we had space around us (but the sites were very close together and would be pretty tight if the park were full).  The bathroom/laundry facilities were very nice and there is an outdoor fire place with chairs where maintence crew builds the fire that I found nice to sit around when walking Spirit at night.

There are many other trails on the property but they do not allow dogs so we did not hike them.  The park was located on the east side of Route 1 but had a trail that crossed over the road and led to the beach. 

The tents, lodge, and cabins would be nice if you want to “camp” with friends that do not have a RV.  There is a fine-dining restaurant and great general store on the property. 

The park is just a few miles from Ana Nuevo state park which is known for its large congregation of elephant seals.  It is also close to other attractions like the Pigeon Point Lighthouse and the town of Pescadero.   

The not so good of this park was the closeness of sites in the pull-thru loop and the not very dog friendly nature of the park – which brings me to Spirit’s opinion.

Spirits two cents was not very favorable.  There was no off-leash dog park and dogs were restricted to the campground section of the property.  Despite the many miles of hiking trails dogs were not allowed on them.  Once again, we found a field and let her off-leash to chase a ball.  We just love breaking that "pet's must be on a 6-foot leash" rule.

Seascape Village loop has a nice big grassy area in the middle
Coastal Village loop back-in sites.
the General Store and banquet area
the lodge
this was one of the nicest campground bathrooms we have ever seen
the only drawback of the fire pit is that it is sandwiched between the women and men's bathrooms


  1. Place looks nice enough. Not very nice to be so strict on the dog areas. Having the firepit at the bathrooms could be convenient I guess. LOL

    1. I could not get over how nice the bathrooms were and loved the fire pit during the cold nights when walking Spirit. It seemed like an odd place for a community fire pit but it did get a lot of visitors.


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