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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

UGH! The Crack is Back

Every RV'er knows that these moving houses will need repairs somewhere along the way. These repairs are more of a hassle when you live in your RV full-time like we do.  And repairs are a super-duper-magnum hassle when you have things fixed and they break again in two months.

Back in November, we spent three days having a stress crack in the fiberglass of our motorhome repaired at Lazydays Tucson only to discover a few days ago that the crack is back.  Tiffin Motorhomes covered the repair cost as it was a warranty item but they were not pleased with Lazydays when we called them and informed them that the crack was back.  Our Tiffin representative (Don B.) said he was going to call Lazydays and give them a "talkin' to" because they did not fix it according to Tiffin specifications.  You go Don!  Now we are in northern California and are having to look for a new repair/body shop that will fix the crack because we are NOT going back to Lazydays.  Tiffin suggested a repair facility in Eugene, Oregon so we are on our way.  The good news is...we have friends along the route so we can explore new sites while laughing with old friends.

The chronology of our crack...as seen in pictures.  (I don't know why I thought you would be interested, but maybe I'll get some sympathy!)

The original crack
Look, no more crack
Oops, the crack is back.  Not cool Lazydays!


  1. Thanks for the heads up on Lazydays. Looks to me as if someone was lazy. Good luck having the repair correctly completed in OR.

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  3. On the bright side, it is a crack...my parents seems to always have a jack problem when they go RV'ing. Usually for them, it is call the roadside repairman, get the jacks up and go home early to get to the repair shop where it usually takes a few weeks to them fixed...only to have it happen again.

    I know your frustration. Good luck with it!!

    1. Yes Robin...that is much worse. Luckily, we can still travel with our boo boo.

  4. We had a crack and it would not stay fixed. Not Lazydays. Finally traded it in.

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