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Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Look at one of the “18 Most Beautiful Structures in America”

Here is one of the gorgeous views we are privy to everyday living at the Dent Acres Campground in north-central Idaho.  Betsy took this picture of the Dent Bridge and we decided it was “post card worthy.”  And since we are not in the post card business, it became “blog worthy.”

When the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers constructed the Dworshak Dam they accomplished the feat of building the highest strait-axis concrete gravity dam in the North America and changed the landscape dramatically.  The North Fork of the Clearwater River was changed forever as it swelled into the Dworshak Reservoir covering over 19,000 acres of land. 

But the Corps had another challenge – building a bridge over the reservoir that would connect the people of the remote town of Elk River to Orofino.   And they did this by building the Dent Bridge – the largest suspension bridge in Idaho.  The 1550-foot long bridge was completed for a price tag of 8 million dollars.  And this hunk of steel did not go unnoticed.  It joins the ranks of one of the “18 Most Beautiful Structures in America” so says the American Institute of Steel and won the “Long Span Construction” award in 1972.  But we don’t care about those accolades we just like looking at it.

So there, now you can say you have seen one of the "18 Most Beautiful Structures in America" (at least according to the American Institute of Steel).

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