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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Big A** Bass

You may be thinking that our lives are pretty boring here in north-central Idaho and the lack of blog postings is due to a gaping void of excitement that leaves nothing to write about.

Not so fast…

In between working our four-day shifts we have been exploring the reservoir from the water side of things.  Our terrific ranger friends, Andrew and Brittney, took us on a boat ride to see the northern-most portion of the reservoir and we are certainly glad to hitch a ride since paddling 40 plus miles was not in our plans.  We can't begin to tell you how much fun we are having and loving this special place!

Andrew and Brittney - our tour guides.

Work camping is hard work!
And our favorite activity is to leisurely float along in our kayaks and cast a line, twitch a jig, and wait for a bite while marveling at the spectacular scenery.  Since the results of our expeditions are usually not news worthy and you should be thankful that I do not subject you to a play-by-play of how the “big one” got away.  We catch an occasional stick, a submerged beer can, and a minnow or two but none of which require me to scamper and grab the fishing net. 

Recently, our luck has turned around and the net now smells like fish.  There are two different reasons why our poles are now bent and we felt compelled to buy a stringer at the grocery store.  Betsy and I respectfully differ on the reasons so I will present both of them. 

My explanation is the rock I found on a recent boat trip with the park rangers.  While exploring one of the 80 primitive camps scattered along the shoreline I was doing some treasure hunting and my eyes fixed on a smooth, water-worn rock that appeared to have a fish inscribed on it.  (And, no I did not then see Jesus in the clouds.)  I just knew the rock was a sign and it must have meaning.  Could it be a carving by a native Nez Perce Indian from years past or just a random figure that I desperately wanted to believe was destined to be my good luck fishing rock? 

Of course Dr. Dresser has a totally different and more analytical explanation.  She is convinced the tips (and lures) we received from a retired Corps forester who has fished this lake for 30 years is the reason we are being entertained by these feisty fish.  The forester gave us a 20 minute lesson on how to cast, twitch, and set the hook just right to land bass big enough for dinner.  He even felt sorry enough for us when we verbalized our fishy woes that he gave us a dozen lures and hooks. 

Please don’t think we are hung up on the reasons why we are now venturing to the water every day to snag bass Roland Martin style, we are too busy catching to discuss this moot point.  But, we are certainly not getting rid of the rock nor changing lures.


  1. The question is: Will there be any fish left by the time you leave??? ;c)

  2. Now that's fishing! We tried in Arkansas, but the river was too high and it was too windy for the lake so we just picked up ticks hiking the trails.

  3. Hi! I'm not sure if you'll remember me or not, but we met Nancy (and Spirit) in Grayton Beach State Park several months ago. We were walking through with our 3 dogs and talked to you for awhile because we were considering buying an RV at the time. We did finally buy a Tiffin Allegro Red a few months ago and we are now traveling in it for the next 3-4 months. I'm trying to set up your blog on mine as one that I follow, but whenever I put in your URL it links me to Retired Voyager's blog! I'm happy to follow them too but I just can't figure out why it is doing that! Anyway, I'll keep reading and following along!


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