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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The "Spirit" of Dworshak

You don’t have to be a dog whisperer to know when your pooch is truly happy.  And for a Labrador retriever like Spirit the signs are pretty obvious.  She has a definite spring in her step that is more like the prance of a regal poodle.  Her nose faces into the wind and glides back and forth until pinpointing the animal scent that propels her to go darting off deep into the woods driven to discover the aromatic quandary.  And she is most happy when gently floating through the cold water as her big paws effortlessly scoop through the water.  

Ever since we arrived here on April 1, she has been in doggy paradise.  But to say that Spirit is happy at this campground would be a gross understatement.

Maybe this story about Spirit's joyous Idaho camping experience is better told in pictures.

I think you can tell a dogs happiness by the flapping of their ears.

If you want to make a lab happy just give them beautiful cold water for an afternoon swim.  (Although she seems to enjoy a dirty mud puddle just as well.)

Every walk involves a stick coming along.  This particular stick was as wide as the bridge and became a challenge of which Spirit was determined to overcome.
There are miles and miles of hiking trails and old logging roads that make for a wonderful doggy playground - a place where there is no leash and plenty of smells.  
Spirit's only complaints are that we do not hike long enough or fast enough for her taste.  Too bad, dog!
Oh, the other complaint is that we have to work four days a week and sometimes we drag her along.
But on our days off we enjoy all this campground has to offer including a 19,000-acre reservoir.  This was Spirits first ride in the kayak and she did great!   


  1. How special! Talk about Dog Heaven!!!!! She is ONE HAPPY DOG!!! Pictures do NOT lie!!!

  2. Do the hours Spirit puts in at the entrance station count? She looks to be a great welcoming committee! :c)

    You aren't kidding, a true doggie paradise!!!

  3. Wow, such a rough life you are livin!

  4. We loved the top photo of Spirit with her ears flapping. Sounds as if you guys are having a wonderful time "working!"

    1. Spirit is in her glory and certainly shows in her attitude. Must be the cold water, tall trees, and clean air that we all like.

  5. It looks like everyone is all smiles! Love the pictures of Spirit. She looks like one very happy dog! I don't think we will make it there before you all leave. We will have to link up another time. We have changed our route and skipped Utah, tired of the desert:) We are currently enjoying San Diego.

    1. Sorry we will miss you all and Georgia but maybe we can meet up in the fall or on our way to Florida in November. Safe travels.


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