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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bittersweet Goodbye

Well, our three months has flown by and now we find ourselves packing up the patio furniture and preparing to get the wheels rolling again.  We can’t say enough about how much fun we had with the people we worked with.  There were many laughs, jokes, and a total light-hearted attitude that made the work fun. 

Betsy and Ken singing "Islands in the Stream"
A couple of nights ago we had a going away party complete with Mexican food and a jumpin’ karaoke machine supplied by fellow work campers “Kowboy Ken" and Shari.  Just when you think you are not into karaoke and would never get up and sing in front of people – you just might find yourself heading to the microphone.  Could it have been the wine, bourbon, or beer that was wetting our whistles and prompted us to reveal our musical debut?  Or was it just the fun, laid-back attitude with our fellow work campers that begs you to let down your inhibitions and embarrass yourself just a little?  Ken (one never to be too serious) had us rolling with laughter with his antics and Shari saved us with her true musical talent and wondrous voice. 

Me, Ken, Shari, Brittney, and Betsy
Fellow campers enjoying the music and great evening.
How is this for a backdrop to our party?
Dent Acres turned out to be one of our favorite campgrounds that we have visited in our three years of motorhoming.  And aren't we glad since we committed to spending three months there?  Our stay here started off with cool spring weather that even brought snow flakes and reminded us that we were in the north but ended with glorious sunny days filled with summer warmth.  Slowly we watched the water in the reservoir climb to full pool as it rose nearly 80 feet.  The trails filled with spring flowers and before we left, deer and elk calves showed up around the campground.

I think Spirit will be the most disappointed when she finds herself in a postage stamp-size KOA dog park instead of countless miles of pine forests and the cool water of the reservoir. Our last nights even had the "supermoon" waxing noted in this photo.

Mighty dog did her best to retrieve the largest sticks possible and carry them home a mile.
But it is time to return to our nomadic lifestyle and say “so long” to our neighbors (a.k.a. other work campers) as we set our GPS for northern Idaho and Glacier National Park.  The group of volunteers we worked with were so much fun and we shared many jokes during our impromptu "staff meetings," campfires, and picnics.  We will miss them terribly, wish them safe travels, and hope to see them somewhere down-the-road.

Staff meeting with the gang.

As our time was coming to a close we were trying to cram everything into our last few days off work.  That meant we had to spend more evenings fishing at the dock, return to Elk River for another sweet taste of huckleberry ice cream, and check the wildlife camera one more time.

Please, can I have a lick?
Look what else I found made with huckleberries!
While we never captured the image of a bear or mountain lion we did get a kick out of seeing the elk fawn and mother
from the wild life camera.

A very special thanks goes out to "our rangers," Andrew and Brittney and also Deb for choosing us to be their volunteers and giving us a great Idaho experience.  We will forever be grateful.  Who knows, maybe we'll be back one day.

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