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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park (NP) is truly indescribable.  Breathtaking, stunning, monumentous, bold, rugged, and fabulous are just a few adjectives that would describe the natural beauty we have witnessed for the last ten days. I'm pretty sure this is our favorite NP in the country (a close second would be Acadia NP).  We have been so busy fishing, hiking, attending ranger talks, boat trips, visiting historic buildings, and kayaking.  Whoo, we girls need a rest.

So (for once) I will spare you the history and let you see the park through photos.  O.k., so maybe there will be some history wrapped up in the captions.

Lake McDonald

Fire is a natural feature that occasionally ravages the park. In 2006, nearly 150,000 acres of the park burned and the scars are evident.
Grinell Point is the highest peak on the right.  It was named after the naturalist George Bird Grinell who was instrumental in establishing the park.  There is a Grinell Lake, Upper Lake, Lower Lake, Trail, Falls, Peak, etc.  He is well-revered here.
Grinell Lake
Our boat ride across Swiftcurrent Lake in a historic boat.  
The historic Many Glacier Lodge built in 1914
The Many Glacier Lodge 
Some hiking views 
Historic Swiftcurrent Motor Inn
Mountain goat and kid
St. Mary Lake
Historic 1913 Ranger Station
Historic barn next to the Ranger Station
Wildflowers flourish in burned areas

St. Mary Visitor Center where we took in a couple of lectures and movies
Ground squirrel looking for my trail mix
So with that picture documentary of the park, let me just say that if this is a visit on your bucket list you better get in gear.  This park has changed dramatically since its inception in 1910 and is extremely dynamic.  Of the 150 original glaciers, there are only 26 left and they are expected to be extinct by 2030.  Imagine that - Glacier NP with no glaciers!  How sad.

So tomorrow, we are off to Canada to visit the Canadian portion of the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park World Heritage Site.  Stay tuned for more beauty....we have heard Waterton is even more beautiful.


  1. Michael picked up on your comment ".....they are expected to be extinct by 2013," if that's the case we all better hurry! Great photos!

    1. Way to go Michael...it should read 2030...so you have a few more years. Thanks for the catch.

  2. We'll be in Glacier end of August and after seeing your photos I cannot wait! Thanks for the teaser!

    Metamorphosis Lisa

  3. Wow! How can one even begin to take in such a beautiful place! I'm thinking you'll be wearing out your camera before your visit is over... :cD


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