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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

West Glacier, Montana

Yesterday, we eased on over to West Glacier, Montana where we will park the rig for a week.  It was a very easy drive with the rustic mountains flanking the road, the big blue Montana sky overhead and the brilliant yellow canola flowers providing a dramatic contrast and making our drive truly pleasurable.  We were super excited to be going to GlacierNational Park (NP) but this scenery just made our excitement all the more. 

We set up “camp” and decided to see the nearby town(s) - that would be the tiny towns of Hungry Horse, Coram and West Glacier.  There is everything we need here and more…including a distillery (Glacier Distillery).  Whoo hoo, we put that first on the list. 

That door better not be locked, because we are comin' in.
We started off with a sampler of all their potions and then ordered a couple of cocktails to enjoy on the patio with the pet yak.  Betsy had an orange creamsicle and I had a refreshing lemonade (both were the adult version, of course).  I don't know why they have a yak and what is has to do with distilling whiskey but he was not a bother.  

Next up…more huckleberry shakes and pies.  This place is truly huckleberry crazy and we love it.  They don’t stop at the typical berry yumminess like jams and jellies, oh no, they make taffy, licorice, coffee, soap, and lip balm - just to name a few huckleberry products.   

Go ahead have a slice, there's always "spanx"

Enough about what we ate and drank, time to start exploring the park and share a wondrous jewel of our National Park System.  Our first day was an easy (partial) drive of the Going-to-the-Sun Road (more details and pictures will show up in the next post) and to check out some of the park “villages” and historic lodges on Lake McDonald.  First up was Apgar Village.  The village is just inside Glacier’s west entrance and bears the name of Milo Apgar an early settler who built a home in the area in the 1890’s.  It is clear as to why Milo wanted to call this area “home” – it is gorgeous!  The village is a hub of activity for the park with a busy campground, restaurants, gift shops, boat rental/launch, visitor center, and has a paved bike path that neatly connects everything (and just happens to be one of just a few places you can walk dogs).

Lake McDonald

The Village Inn at Apgar Village is an old style motor inn that overlooks Lake McDonald
From Apgar, we meandered up the east Lake McDonald and popped in at the spectacular lodge that rests on the eastern shore of the lake it was named after.  The lodge dates back to 1914 and was constructed in the architectural style representing a Swiss Chalet.  The three-story building is a great place to sit and relax while taking in the dramatic scenery.

The back of the building faces the lake and is actually the "front."  Because no roads were built until 1921, visitors arrived by boat from the lake.
Front of the building
The lodge's rustic atmosphere gives the visitor the feeling of being in a wild west hunting lodge.  The lobby is decorated with taxidermy mounts and Native American themes.   

All this water was generating our desire to put the kayaks in the water and enjoy some float time.  As a bonus, you do not need a fishing license to fish in the park.  Never mind that we did not catch any fish, this was just a beautiful place to relax, watch the bald eagle perched on the towering pines and enjoy the crystal clear water.

Which one to choose?
Or, should I just enjoy the view?

Glacier NP is a place we have been wanting to visit for some time and we intend to see and do a lot during our time here mostly hiking and fishing from the kayaks.  Stay tuned for more Glacier posts.  

And I would like to say a big "THANK YOU" to Janna (over at Tin Teepee/Log Cabin) for helping me fix some Blogger issues.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.


  1. You are very welcome, I am glad it worked!!!

  2. Looks beautiful! I always love reading your blog, it is almost as good as being there! We didn't make it to Glacier, but were in Polson overnight on our way to Yellowstone. Loved Idaho & Montana . On our way to Mt Rushmore SD today. Happy Trails, hugs to Spirit


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