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Friday, August 23, 2013

Goodbye Canada, Hello Washington

Amazing sights, history, nature, culture, and people filled our six-week visit to Canada.  Our jaunt was way too short to see and do even a minute amount of things that Canada has to offer.  But even we wandering vagabonds must acknowledge that the “we can’t do it all” clichĂ© applies to us as well. 

We learned so much about glaciers, carriages, Mounties, Mormons and so much more but the one thing that shocked us about Canada is that there are parts of the country that are desert.  Yep, in case you did not know there is a desert in Canada, let me enlighten you.  And we learned this the hard way when we landed in the high desert town of Kamloops for five nights.  Since I’m not a fan of the desert, you can image the look on my face when I saw the brown landscape and felt the scorching dry heat.  Just because you are in the northern portion of the continent and Canadian post cards are decorated with snow covered mountains and creeping glaciers does that mean the whole country exists in that view?! 

Kamloops was a cute little town with a lot happening, but it was HOT.  (Like 100°F hot!).  We persevered by making our daily outings around town in the early morning.  Spirit had no objection to our new schedule and was quite happy to be heading to the dog beach at 7 a.m. to frolic in the cool water while we chatted with friendly Kamloopians (I guess that’s what you call them).  The dog park is where we got great tips on where to buy the best corn, where the closest winery was, not too miss the car show and farmers market on Saturday mornings. So many times in our travels, it is the people we meet that bring life to a town and this was no exception.  

"I'll take the purple and pink ones, but I can only pay you with dog biscuits."
An awesome coffee shop that drives to the farmers market.  The back of the bus has tables and booths to enjoy your java.

The desert left us longing for a view of the Pacific coast, the smell of salt air, and taste of sweet seafood which led us back to the U.S. to the Washington state town of Bellingham.  Bellingham is a cute coastal town with a working waterfront, funky stores, and even funkier people.  We strolled the riverfront parks, ate at the local joints and took in the laid back flare that charms this little town.  Bellingham came on a recommendation from a fellow RV’ing friend (Cheryl) that we met in Tucson last winter and it was a good one.  Neighboring Bellingham is another cute town, Fairhaven, which provided an idyllic setting for a stroll with the pooch.

But cruising around town and exploring came to an abrupt and sudden end when the transmission in our tow car went kaput.  A step on the gas pedal yielded an unpleasant grinding sound and lurch until finally the step on the gas pedal yielded nothing.  Bummer!  (What came into our minds was “transmission smashed-in.”)  But a great Ford dealer service guy and a positive attitude got us a rental car and back on the road in time to still enjoy some of the city.  Ironically, we are on our way to have work done on the moho so we will be keeping our fingers crossed that all goes smoothly and we are done with grinding sounds and lurching.  


  1. Welcome back to the US ... we lived in Tacoma for 15 months and traveled around the state quite a bit ... don't recall making it to Bellingham, however.

  2. We too have experience the heat in Kamloops! I am ready to go back to the Oregon coast but the cowboy is ready for home in Montana. Sorry to hear about your transmission and the motorhome!

  3. Welcome home! At almost 5:00 a.m. we are on Oregon coast listening to the sea lions barking. Sounds better than the desert. Where are you headed now?

  4. We were just in Bellingham yesterday! Did a road trip through Lynden and Bellingham on the search through Mt Baker scenic highway. lots of neat stuff on that route. Actually stopped in Bellingham to look at the map, and a guy asked me for $.54. Not sure where he got THAT number from, odd to be asking for $.54. I didn't have it with me so I waved him away. Just thought that was strange. Is that $.50 with tax? LOL

  5. Kamloopians! LOL! Shades of Willie Wonka... :cD

    Didn't know there was desert in Canada, either. Were you thirsty there?

    Welcome Home!


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