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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Seabrook, Washington – A Bright Spot Along the Washington Coast

What is that you see?  Could it be a sticks and brick house, one that does not have wheels and an engine?  Yep, we traded in the moho for a real house…at least for a few days.  The moho went to visit the doctor and needed to spend three days in the hospital having surgery on the roof rails, the wet bay floor replaced, and a couple of other minor things.  Since the work was covered under warranty and we can't live in it while the work is being done, we decided to make the most of our time and rent a beach cottage on the west coast of Washington in a little town called Seabrook.

After extensive searching, I found a new urbanism town that had pet-friendly cottages and beach access.  The plan was that we would relax for the four days – no museum, no sightseeing, no hurrying up to do everything – just relaxing.  And that we did in a house named Worry Free Days.

New Urbanism is a design movement that started in the 1980’s and promotes walkable neighborhoods.  The neighborhood typically has a discernible center, usually a large green space that is surrounded by shops, offices, and restaurants.  Interconnected streets lead to tightly woven houses that face the street or another green space and are within a five-minute walk to the town center.   We were familiar with this concept from years ago when visiting Seaside, Florida – a beach community starting in 1988.  The first lots in this Florida Panhandle community sold for $15,000 and are now houses fetching in excess of five million.  Seabrook is not in the five million dollar range yet but it  is a gorgeous community that is well thought out and appointed.

Seabrook was just what we wanted – relaxing and easy.  The town center had a couple of shops (including a dog wash and boutique), a restaurant, market, beer garden, pottery studio, and of course a real estate office in case you want to spend more money than just in the market.  Houses are beautifully decorated in a coastal theme and sport whimsical beach names.

Loved the name of this house.

Downtown Seabrook
Mill 109 is the restaurant and pub in Seabrook.
Every day we walked along the expansive beach and sat by the fire pit reading novels that we have been carrying around for way to long.
The house was perfectly comfortable, charming, and exceptionally well stocked with things we needed. While small, it was perfect for us with a bedroom, loft, bathroom, and combined kitchen and living area. There were even two beach cruiser bicycles for us to ride around town on.  We were not saddened when we got the call that the moho was going to have to spend one more night in the hospital and Tiffin Motorhomes would cover a fourth night for us to relax.   

The house had a little yard, picnic table, adirondack chairs and a fire pit.  Perfect!
View from the upstairs loft.

Spirit loved the house that was exceptionally dog-friendly.  There was a fenced in dog yard, bed, bowls, and dog biscuits at her disposal.  Not to mention the enjoyment she found on the beach.


And look what we found in the kitchen
There is nothing happier than a lab running in water chasing something.

Unlike Seaside and the other towns in Florida, this does not have a crowded beach.  We were not disappointed to be the only ones on the beach.


  1. did the beach house experience make you think that you might like to settle down one day? or does the wide open road still call to you?

  2. Wow! What nice digs! Ummmm.... Think you will return to the Pacific Northwest? That is assuming you leave....! It DOES get rainy in the winter....! This is a GREAT place to spend the summers and fall!!!! Trust by this time you have your coach and that all was done VERY WELL!!!!!

    1. Not all the repairs on complete...we will have to stop in CA for more on our way over to Florida.

  3. We stayed at Pacific Beach State Park, just up the road from Seabrook. I immediately thought of Seaside too when we drove through Seabrook! I wish we had been able to explore it more - we didn't have a car with us at the time and it was a little too far away on too busy a road to get there by bike or foot. We're back on the Oregon coast now - are you heading this way next?

    1. We will be in Astoria for a until the 23rd and then start heading south down the coast.

    2. Ah, we're probably a little too far south to catch you. We're in Cape Blanco now and will be heading into California in the next few days. If we don't catch you somewhere out west though, we'll see you in Grayton Beach!

  4. How cool is that! We too love deserted beaches and the Washington coast.

  5. Did Spirit appreciate the Dog Wash?

    Ugh, RV repairs, seems like it's even more difficult when you're a fulltimer. I can appreciate all the "fun" you're going through. Thank heavens you found a great little hideaway to hang out while your MH was being repaired.

  6. What an excellent choice for a few nights out of the RV. I've been enjoying all your posts on the OP...we hope to be there next summer. Safe travels!

    Metamorphosis Lisa

  7. Looks wonderful! I can tell you now that we are back in our house, all we dream about is being back on the road! Living in a house is far over rated:). The little beach cottage does look like fun for a few days.

  8. Looks wonderful! I can tell you now that we are back in our house, all we dream about is being back on the road! Living in a house is far over rated:). The little beach cottage does look like fun for a few days.


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