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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Great Friends Are Part of Our Adventure

A month ago I had so much fun getting to say “hello” to some old friends that I had not seen in 25 years.  And just recently it was Betsy’s turn to say “hello” to dear friends she had not seen since high school in Cincinnati.  What a treat it has been for both of us to reconnect with friends from years-gone-by, but also, to be able to meet special people from each other’s past.  Especially, when those long-lost friends have been part of so many memories from the yester years and continue to generate more unforgettable memories.

Betsy and Cara knew each other since they were barely in double digits.  When Betsy's mom died very young, she lived with Cara's family for awhile.  And now, many years later, they reconnected and giggled like they had never left their youth.  I may be an outsider to their past but it seems like no time between them has elapsed - maybe just a few careers and a couple of grey hairs . . . but we all have those anyway.  Cara's home in northern California is beautiful and many of the antiques that Cara now has belonged to her parents. Betsy was thrilled to sit at the same huge dining room table that she ate many dinners on years ago and to re-live a lot of the memories brought back again by being with Cara.   

Cara and Jerry (her high school sweetheart) have two wonderful children, but with them grown, their attention focuses now on their four-legged ones – their greyhounds.  It all started when they adopted a retired racer named “No Dave” in 1993.  Their love for greyhounds prompted them to create Northcoast Greyhound Support, a FUN-Draising enterprise supporting the adoption groups who volunteer their time to giving these well-deserving animals lasting homes.  Cara created an attractive greyhound-themed jewelry line that includes pendants, brooches, earrings, bracelets, and more. Northcoast Greyhounds has allowed her to contribute over $425,000 to their cause over the last 12 years.  This wonderful example of individual passion has generated action for a wonderful cause as 100% of their profits are contributed to this cause.

Lexi and Hottie, just two of the many lucky greyhounds that have come to live with Cara and Jerry.
So this holiday season when you are looking for gifts for your pet-loving friends and family, consider ordering an item (or two...or three) from the Northcoast Greyhounds and helping a pawsitively good cause.  I can attest that the "screaming monkey" is going to be a favorite of your pet since Spirit does not let it out of her mouth.  Northcoast Greyhounds has sold over 17,000 of these colorful, soft, yowling beasts - a testament that dogs love the stuffed monkeys.

If you are looking to adopt one of these gentle, loving giants check out the greyhound adoption website and consider giving one (or more) of them a well-deserved home.  Betsy and I were so affected by the sweetness of these animals that it became clear why Cara and Jerry have welcomed so many of these dogs into their home.

After so many years, it seemed like so little time had actually passed.  Now we hope that not so many years will lapse before we see Cara and Jerry again.


  1. One of the big pluses for full time RV living! Nice that Betsy could reconnect. Did you get any blackmail stories about Betsy from Cara? ;c)

    1. Let's just say they were partners in crime a lot of the time.


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