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Friday, December 20, 2013

A Pizza Philosophy We Love

You may have come to know us girls as hamburger loving, diner-driven chow hounds obsessed by a hamburger book that is bound to clog our arteries.  But, I don’t want you to get the wrong impression and think we discriminate against other food groups. 

First, let me clarify something . . . my food groups are quite different than the USDA’s boring food pyramid that has whole grains, dairy, vegetables, etc. outlined in a neat little design with recommendations that we never seem to follow.  Yes, I did get an “A” in my nutrition class in culinary school, but I choose to redesign the pyramid and customize it to put pizza in a category of its own.

We traveled across the country and have had some amazing pizza but we are ecstatic to be back within a few miles of one of our all-time favorites.  Bruno’s Pizza has created an imprint on our taste buds and culinary cravings that has us longing to come back to the Florida panhandle just for pizza.

The best way we found to enjoy the diverse menu is at the daily buffet.  An assortment of Bruno’s pizzas are available for tasting and include such unique pies as buffalo chicken, ranch chicken, taco, 4-alarm fire, ultimate veggie, in addition to the other popular favorites like supreme, pepperoni, and cheese.  There is even one with slow smoked Boston butt!  Thursday’s are Ladies Day where we dainty gals can indulge in all-you-can eat pizza, salad bar, cinnamon knots, and soft drinks for a mere $5.  And we can eat from 11-2.  (Not that we have even the entire time, mind you – but we could).

Jeff working the phone and counter
in between checking on customers
and running a great restaurant.
We love the owner Jeff Goodman’s philosophy which is proudly tattooed on the door – “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem.” He invites newbies to come in, eat what you want and then settle up before you leave.  He proudly claims, “It is on the honor system here.”  Inside tables are community-style with people happily indulging in hot pizza and sticky cinnamon knots or you can dine outside on the patio under the sun.  Everyone seems to enjoy the vibe this place has which is credit to Jeff, and his partner Mark Williams, who are a customer’s dream always asking you if there is a certain pizza you want on the buffet.  Whatever you want, they will make it and put it on the buffet for all to enjoy. 

The restaurant recently moved and was closed for a couple of weeks but just when we were starting to go through Bruno’s de-tox, the joint re-opened a little farther down the road in a nice, fresh space that was worth the wait.  

We love the new restaurant and Bruno’s Pizza continues to rank as one of our favorite pizza joints in the country.  It's no surprise that the restaurant has been voted "30-A's Best Pizza for 21 Years!"

Sorry if you now are salivating and craving pizza - that is the sadistic part of my blogging that I enjoy.  If you were smart, you would come join us on the panhandle for delicious pizza and cinnamon knots.


  1. That last picture has me almost leaving AZ for some pizza. I said "almost". That $5 deal sounds like a winner. We'll have to check that place out sometime on one of our travels thru the panhandle.

  2. Thank goodness I was having pizza for dinner just as I read your post! Probably wasn't anywhere near as good as yours, but it stopped my drooling! :c)

    Now I have to put this place on my Florida "Must Stop" list.

    1. Posting food pictures are our way of torturing our readers. Sorry for our sadistic tendencies.

  3. Replies
    1. It is in Watersound on the stretch of Florida panhandle known as 30A - between Destin and Panama City.


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