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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

More Fun and Fire Dancing

Our social calendar is not clear just yet and probably won't be now that we are having such fun.  Gail and Don (a couple we first met at the Nealy’s party) invited us and the rest of the gang we have been hanging out with for a few days to their Phaeton for wine and dessert.   Yea, I really don’t think that is an invitation we would pass up.

They were nice to share their wine with us that they collected during their travels.  Gail told us that they are never short of wine and showed us four more cases of wine in the bedroom.  Maybe they should just ask Tiffin for a wine cellar in the closet and ditch their clothes.  

Little did we know that in addition to great company we were going to be entertained by Cherie (Technomadia) and her fire dancing routine?  Wow, this was so cool and a first for us as far as campground entertainment goes.  

The beauty of the fire on a full moon night near the beach and
the sounds of the swishing flames made this magical.
Cherie is very talented and has done this at Burning Man in Nevada.

That's my "I'm angry at dirt" face.
But I don’t want to give you the impression that the RV lifestyle is all laughing, drinking wine and fire dancing, because it is not.  Sometimes there is work to be done and a nagging domestic urge in me was itching to come to fruition.  Yes, it was time to shampoo the carpets and extract the dirt and dog hair that was not meant to live there.  The warm, nearly humid-less day made it a perfect opportunity to open the windows and fire up the steam cleaner.  I pulled my hair back, put on an old t-shirt and got down and dirty with the pile.  As hard as Betsy tried to convince me to seek therapy and repress my cleaning desires so we could do something fun instead, I was unflappable.  The job must be done.


  1. That is quite a picture of your grim determination in cleaning your carpets. Feel free to drop over and clean our carpets anytime. :cD

    I've seen Cherie doing her fire dance on many people's blogs, hope one day to see her do it in person!

  2. Wow, your social calendar is sure full of interesting stuff these days! Shampooing carpets--UGH!


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